Vogue Fashion Night 2013

Vogue Fashion Night 2013 T-shirt

Being what I like to think of the queen of casual style I love nothing more that a great t-shirt. With every style from cropped to oversized in every shade of grey, white, black… rainbow colour you can imagine my t-shirt wardrobe is pretty full, only the elite get in now.

I am not the only one with a T-shirt addiction though as every year for the past 5 years Vogue’s Fashion Night Out has been accompanied by an exclusive t-shirt, this year inspiration was taken from sports. Paired with a Balmain jacket and black leather look trouser, perfectly finished off with statement earrings to give an 2013 take on 80’s fashion. Overall I LOVE this look and will be using this as my outfit inspiration for tomorrow.

Im To Sexy For My Sleeves….

Edun & Chole Sleeveless Jackets Autumn Winter 2013
I am absolutely loving mid length sleeveless blazer jackets/ waistcoats or tail, which ever you prefer to use. They are perfect for our very changeable weather, look great when worn with sleeveless tops to show of tanned and toned arms. Or layered with thick knits and lightweight jackets for when it gets colder. The options are endless, and for this reason I have put this right on the top of my must have list, this is a trend that Zara will do very well. Remember a jacket is not just for a season you should buy carefully so to maximise the amount of times you wear it therefore getting the most out of you money, after all we know how hard it is to earn.
Haider Ackermann & Etro Sleeveless Jackets Autumn Winter 2013

To The Future

This post has nothing to do with Fashion or Travel but something I just felt like saying/writing. To all those people who have just received their GCSE results well done! No matter what grades you got, even if they were not as good as hoped expected, you can rest easy know that you tried your hardest.
Fire Artist- Ibiza

I do feel for all of today’s teenagers, I don’t remember ever having this much pressure on me when I took mine. From memory I don’t remember anything about them being on the news, in papers or online. My mum was the best and never put any pressure on me knowing that I would try my hardest anyway.

Sunset San Antonio
All you have to remember is that GCSE’s are NOT the be all and end all, if you have ambition, self motivation and drive you WILL succeed. You will find you path in life and be successful in whatever you decide to do. So here is to the future =D

A Very Special Day…

I am a tad worried that you are all getting fed up of me spouting on about how Antony & I went travelling for a year?! Well here I go again =D today we have been back two years! OMG I am in shock that it has been two years.
Horse painted like a Zebra.. why? Because the kids will never see a real Zebra.. Obviously.
On one hand it seems like just yesterday we were living out of our backpacks and off instant noodles. Things have slightly changed, no more instant noodles, and we are now literally about to buy our 1st house. With plans to go away again and live off the rent from our house in the future, frequently popping up in conversation.
Thai Tuk Tuks
With people telling me left right and centre about how they want to go travelling the only thing I ever say is GO (with a massive smile on my face) the skills and experiences you will learn and gain on your trip will be invaluable and the memories will stick with you for a life time.
Argentina to Chile boarder crossing
From my travel experiences I feel that I have become more grateful and aware of how lucky I am to be born British, for the free education to health care and of course freedom of speech. I realised this from seeing unbelievable poverty where poor families can barely eat let alone afford to buy the school uniform required to send their children to school, creating a cycle of poverty with no escape. I have become more determined to take every opportunity I have, to try my hardest and work hard to achieve my goals. To appreciate the ability to have and voice my own opinions and thoughts, a reason I started this blog, and to express them through styling work and to a certain extent how I dress myself.
Yurimaguas Port! Peru
Would I have realised this if I had not gone away? I don’t think so with out 1st hand experience its hard to relate to something that we have not experienced. I also gained confidence in our ability to get ourselves around continents where we didn’t speak the language to plan very route where few backpackers go and just do it, I almost even realised how brave we were… until I feel our of a hammock lol =D
Big Sur California USA
All I am really trying to say is that you will gain and develop skills that are not just important for every day life but also you career. The ability to communicate, flexible attitude and the ability to plan and budget. Whilst this all might sound quite serious you will see thing that you can’t even imagine meet all different sorts of people and think about all your adventure when your grey and old. By then you might even have great grand kids that haven’t heard all you stories and seen all the photos before! =D… JUST GO! 

The Square Route Of Autumn Winter 2013 Fashion

Celine Autumn Winter 2013
Tartan is no new trend from Autumn Winter so you will not be surprised by its return this year. This year large laundry bag square checks, as seen on the Celine catwalk, is the most definitive check prints.
Stella McCartney & 3.1 Phillip Lim Tartan Autumn Winter 2013
Silhouettes are loose fitting and oversized with a masculine element to them. To make your tartan look even more 2013 mix it up with textures, pair with other Tartan prints and White Faux Fur and sequins. This is definitely going to be my Autumn Winter look this year. 
Mulberry & Givenchy Tartan Autumn Winter 2013

Flirty, Fun… Fashion Ad!?

Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 Campaign
I know I regularly post about my favourite fashion ads of the season, but I want to give special attention to Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 digital ad campaign. Featuring model and actress Suki Waterhouse the campaign is fun, flirty and therefore relatable and most importantly from a business point of view accessible.
Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 Campaign
The shoot was on location in Brooklyn New York and was shoot by photographer Andrew de Francesco, Suki styled herself which makes the ad campaign more down to earth and believable. It features the Wintergate collection and I love it. Well done Sass and Bide.
Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 Campaign

Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 Campaign
Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 Campaign
Sass & Bide Autumn 2013 Campaign

Ice Cream Van Pop Up Shop

House of Holland Ice Cream Pop Up Shop
Yes hump day is almost over so we can all now officially say that its almost the weekend, yes I am an optimist. Seeing that it is hump day I think that we are all in need for a little light entertainment.
House of Holland Ice Cream Pop Up Shop
House of Holland founder and fashion designer Henry Holland has transformed a traditional ice cream van, which he has named Mr Quiffy after his famous hairstyle, into a pop-up shop concept in, which he intends to tour Britain with.

House of Holland Ice Cream Pop Up Shop
 Instead of cones and lollies, he will sell a capsule collection of signature polka dots as well as candy stripes and acid brights on headwear, T-shirts, skirts, shorts, accessories and iPhone covers from his House of Holland label. With provocative t-shirt slogans such as “lick me,” the Mr Quiffy’s van will be travelling around London and his hometown of Manchester throughout London Fashion Week.

House of Holland Ice Cream Pop Up Shop
 I think this is such a fun idea and surely other designers will be doing something very similar soon. Mine is a 99 please =D

Cool Camping

Classic VW Camper Van as a tent… Amazing!
After spend yesterday on the beach with Cake, Coffee (brewed using a camping stove) and a tent it has made me realise how much fun you can have with a tent. After spending the best part of 3 months camping whilst travelling around Australasia, where I had no choice but to learn to love camping, I now find myself saying, lets go camping! I know I am shocked too, with the festival season still in full swing a lot of you must be thinking about camping, or what I like to call tenting, so here are a few of my favourite tents I have found.
Nightwatch- Save The Wild Tiger’s Tent- Field Candy
Tenting either at music festival, for holiday or even having one pitched up in your back garden for the duration of summer is a no brainer. Be free, have fun and forget about your smart phone, Ipad, GHD’s, tablet, netbook, laptop, emails and work….. Be a kid again! I love it =D
Men Only Tent- Field Candy

Field Candy offer and outstanding range of fun designs with environmental causes benefiting from you buying the, like the save wild tiger tent above. For more information and designs check out there website- http://www.fieldcandy.com/
This is NOT a sponsored post I just really like their tents =D

From Day To Night Leather Trousers

How To Wear Leather Trousers
Whatever you call it; Leather, Pleather, Faux Leather or PVC it’s all the same and boy I do love a pair of Pleather trousers (my preferred noun). Pleathertrousers aren’t a new trend for Autumn Winter, the ones I am wearing are from 2012, but I wanted to show you that you can get your Pleather’son day and night.
 To keep it casual for day wear with trainers, converse or for when winter hits (sorry), clumpy boots and thick socks. These instantly give you a more casual look.
Leather Trousers For The Day
For nights go as wild as you like as pleather trousers look good with heels, flats, boots, wedges….. Etc. I love the look and love my pleathertrousers. How do you wear yours?
and the 80’s Mickey Mouse Jumper is available here

Fashion Ad Round Up Autumn Winter 2013/2014

Stella McCartney Autumn Winter 2013

I have said it before and I will say it again, fashion ads are a great way to gauge what fashion trends are about to hit the scene and what you will be wanting to wear. I have picked my favourite 3 fashion ads for Autumn Winter 2013. I love the oversized silhouette of Stella McCartney and the strange yet intriguing choice of location.

Calvin Klein Autumn Winter 2013
Clavin Klein for the strong, clean styling which is reminiscent of the 80’s power dressing look. I also love how the image has been printed in grey scale, it draws focus to what they are selling…. the clothes!

Bulmarine Autumn Winter 2013


Bulmarine for the sex appeal and use of almost spring like prints in an Autumn Winter Collection. I also love how the model is almost camouflaged with the matching background and the oriental feel to the whole image.

So what do you like about fashion ads?