Why? The Gold Label Has Launched!!

DVF Silk Wrap Dress, Ada's Attic Vintage Gold Label

DVF Silk Wrap Dress

The wait is over and the launch was a success! (phew) The newly launched Gold Label on Ada’s Attic Vintage on the 25/09/15 went swimmingly with only a minor hiccup! Not properly tagging the items show they didn’t show up in the Gold Label collection was not my finest hour!

I don’t want to just say “yey its launched its the best blah blah blah”, lets face it we get told everything is the best all day long and I close my ears and don’t listen. I wanted to tell you WHY.

Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you sell Vintage clothes? Why do you wear vintage clothes when you can just buy of the high street? Why do decorate & fill your house with vintage furniture, bedding & Nik Naks? And why do you call it vintage when it isn’t it just second hand?


60s Boho Midi Dress

For a minute or two I was silent, Why I thought Why? And then it dawned on me, I wear vintage clothes because I love the quality, uniqueness and history of each piece. I feel excited to wear a dress, jacket, top (you name it) that has had a history, had a life and is still looking in great. I love fashion, always have and always will and I’m intrigued how technology has changed not just the way we dress but how we see fashion now and how its made. I love how decades can be defined by styles and how they relate to what people were thinking, feeling, wanting to express and share with the world. Why they choose to show their beliefs through how they dressed. How even though I wasn’t there I can feel like I was though the clothing, furniture, nic-naks etc. How vintage clothing is a part of OUR history, Our parents, grandparents, great grandparents lives and how it has shaped our lives. That’s Why. Continue reading

Ada’s Attic Gold Label Launch Date & Time! Exclusive

On the 25th September 2015 @ 9pm Ada’s Attic Vintage are launching their amazing Gold Collection, it really is worth staying in for! With the promise of the best luxury fabrics, from silk to cashmere to virgin wool, and the use of old techniques, which have become to expensive for high street & catwalk fashion, such as hand embroidery and beading, and is now only really seen on Couture fashion! We are really in for a treat.

Ada's Attic Gold Label Launching 25/09/2015

Ada’s Attic Gold Label

The collection is edited to included pieces for all occasions but with the festive season knocking on the door, there are sure to be some stand out party pieces and presents for your nearest and dearest.

adasatticvintagegoldlabel adasatticvintagemetallicdetailmaxidress

This isn’t just any old vintage collection and the motto is “quality over quantity” where only the best designed, high quality items will make the cut you will forget your shopping vintage and feel like you have your own personal stylist and high-end boutique to yourself.

To see a preview of the collection sign up to their mailing list here

New Stock Drop & London Fashion Week!

Vintage 80s Pink Jumpsuit & 60s Oversized Wool Coat, LFW look

With London Fashion Week just around the corner there is no better time to restock your wardrobe for autumn, and getting street style photo ready!

Vintage Denim, Midi Skirt & 50s Midi Dress

Tartan Skirts, Leather & Denim, LFW

With a new stock drop to make you drool, but at least your eyes will be happy, VERY happy! With everything from 80s pink jumpsuits, real glamorous 60s maxi dresses, luxurious winter coats and statement jackets, stick with us and you will never have been so well dressed!

To get fashion week ready visit http://www.adasatticvintage.co.uk now and recieve free shipping on all orders over £150! Enter FreeShip