Rocking Mary Antionette

Ahh Chanel, I love this collection its stunning! The colours and the awesome styling Lagerfield has done it again. This Cruise SS 2013 collection was inspried by Mary Antionette mixed with a Rock element. The clothes came ruffled with attitude, with skirts that flared at the hip. Mixed with Harlequin checks and gold denim, for men as well as women, and wide statment culottes add some extra cool points. To finish it off in true Chanel style there was the double-breasted tweed jackets, quilted bags and white soled brothel creepers, which toughened the whole look.
Just looking at the photos you forget that there is a wide spread austerity, the pastel wigs were made out of real hair and Lagerfeld said, “It was serious frivolity”, and I love that I think you should be able to escape reality and just enjoy beautifully designed clothes, whats wrong with that?

This Weeks Must Have……. Friendship Bracelet

Ahh the hours I spent as a kid making my own friendship bracelets, I would sit patiently knotting different coloured threads together so I could wear and give to my friends, I often gave them out at primary school when it was one of my friends birthdays. The brighter the better I always thought and I didn’t really mind what the pattern was, and I find myself still going with this ethos. I am currently the proud owner of 3 friendship bracalets, even though techincally i bought them so theres no friendship involved. I am not the only one bring back the 90’s fashion accessory of choice they are in shops everywhere! So if you don’t have the time/patiences to make your own here are my favs.
1. A lavish treat for your wrist these beautiful bracelets don’t come cheap at £59, but they are very pretty and the packaging is just as stunning as the bracelets themselves.
Ora silk and gold bracelets via
2. At the opposite end of the price spectrum we have a purse friendly £2 friendship bracelet from Topshop, with £1 going directly to Breast Cancer. Amazing cause and beautiful bracelet.
3. For the more mature friendship bracelet this is perfect. The colour is great and I love things that are delciate with my a inital on, it is also only £6, bargain. Availble from Urban Outfitters.
5. If you are wanting to make your own though you can pick up the thread from any habidashery or art store and just start knotting or plaiting. Have fun.

Summer Sumer Summer Time

So its Summer Time and with the expected, fingers, arms & legs crossed everyone, good weather predicted for this weekend we have added lots of wonderful pieces of vintage clothing to Asos Summer Sale. There is from classic staples such as white shirts to pleated skirts to 100% Real Leather Jacket! I know were generous but we love a bargain to so we though you would aswell. Enjoy!

How To….. Customise Shorts


So in the spirit of DIY fashion I have decided to show you how you can customise pieces of clothing you know longer wear, over the next coming week. Thus saving you money and having some fun.

Today I am going to show you how to make some old jeans into cool shorts!
1. Get some jeans if you don’t have any that you want to cut up you can usually pick up a pair of old jeans from your local charity shop for a couple of quid, or even a supermarket as they sell jeans really cheap. Bear in mind what sort of shorts you want to make, obviously if you buy high waisted jeans, they will be high waisted shorts. There is to much work involved in removing zips and waist bands.
2. Measuring and Cutting.
I like to use a pair of shorts that I already own as a rough guide to wear I should cut, make sure you line up the crotch on the shorts and the jeans to get the correct cut. If you don’t have a pair of shorts then you can simply just try them on and mark where you feel you should cut, remember that you can always take more off but you can’t add more back on.
3. After the first cut I then try on the shorts to see how they fit and mark any more that needs to be cut off.
If you want a polished finish to your jeans use pinking shears to cut the ends and it will help to stop them from fraying as much. You can then simply add a small 1 inch hem on each leg hole.
I am a scuff bag at heart so like my shorts with a frayed edge and optional role up to make them short shorts=)
4. Decoration, I love studs and hand an old handbag that was covered in them which was looking a bit to tatty to be used anymore. I simply prised off all the different studs and randomly attached them to down the side of each leg. if you want to add studs to your shorts as well then you can buy them quite cheaply on-line or in any large craft store. I love my new shorts and they cost me nothing to make apart from an hour of my time. Bargain! 

The Return Of DIY Fashion

Punk fashion is the clothing, hairstyles, jewellery and body modifications of the Punk subculture. A subculture is defined as a small group of people who live in the larger community who go about the lives is different way. Punk fashion’s most famous designer is Vivienne Westwood who dressed the Sex Pistols and The Exploited, Punk fashion has been extremely commercialised at various times and many various fashion designers- Westwood, John Paul Gautier and even Versace showed elements of Punk fashion in their designs.

Glam Rock, Skinheads and Mods have all influenced Punk fashion as has Punk fashion influenced them, the underlying theme with subcultures are that they use their clothing as a way to make a statement.


Punk clothing which was initially handmade, using whatever cheap thrown out materials they could find, it then became mass produced and was sold in record shops and smaller speciality clothing stores in the 1980’s.

Punk was an intentional rebuttal of the perceived excess and pretencions found in mainstream music and culture as a whole. Early Punk fashion was anti-materialistic- Generally unkempt, short hair styles famously the spiked multi-colour Mohawk, simple clothes from T-shirts, Jeans and Leather jackets: customised blazers and smart formal shirts randomly covered in slogans such as- “Only Anarchists are pretty”, blood patches and controversial images were also extremely popular.

Safety pins were massively popular in with Punks and were used everywhere from on clothing, as piercings and accessories. Many female Punks rebelled against stereotyping of women and often combined delicate or pretty clothes with masculine pieces such as a tutu with big chunky boots.

Punks also love DIY fashion, that’s where its roots were, and incorporated everyday objects for aesthetic effect. Purposely ripped clothes were held together by safety pins or wrapped with tape, black bin liners became dresses, shirts and skirts. Other items added to clothing or worn as jewellery included razor blades, chains and in some extreme cases sanitary products.

What I love about Punk fashion is how they used everything and anything to make themselves look different without spending a fortune. They had so much power and influence on how we dress, even still today, that they influenced well know designer YSL when they designed the infamous Liz Hurley dress. Punks weren’t all about fashion, I’m sure if you were to ask them they would say that they didn’t care about fashion, they dressed in way to show there dissatisfaction with the economy and as they saw it limited job options (sounding similar to anyone). In my eyes Punks were the true originators of DIY fashion and I can that we are starting to go down that path again. With the rise of fashion bloggers showing you how to make/customise your own pieces, to websites specifically showing you how to make anything from hoodies to full ensembles and lets not forget the various Youtube channels and uploads dedicated to DIY fashion.
Modern London Punks Carnaby Street
So what do you think? Can you see a return in DIY fashion?

Something for Men

The other day I went shopping with my boyfriend, we headed into town expecting to find him something to wear straight away, he hates shopping and usually shops online. I had managed  to convince to physically go into town, I was sick of him walking around in Beer T-shirts he had bought whilst we were travelling, still thinking that he looked cool, I would say border line homeless especially if he hadn’t shaved. So off we went with high expectations and we found…. nothing. If your a teenager who likes wearing skinny acid wash jeans with tight tight polo shirts or your the older gentleman then your well catered for anywhere in between I think theres a real lack of choice.

That is until now, with the rip roaring success of the 1st Mens Fashion Week.

Agi & Sam

Colour Blocking

Now I am not saying that you should suggest your boyfriend goes out and does the shopping in the outfit below. But I think they could gain inspiration from the collections, maybe they can wear shorts in summer- I don’t know why men have issues around this still… They can be smart for the office too, or maybe try introducing bright colours to thier wardrobe. Colour blocking like above- same colour but different shades would look amazing and is so simple to do. Cos is great for mens wear as is H&M, and Zara and they are all reasonably priced.

Escapism- Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia Siem Reap, the temple above is Bayon. The temple consist of hundreds of faces of King Jayavarmam VII who built the temple so that he was always looking down and watching over his people. The faces are in surprisingly good condition seeing it was constructed in the late 12th to early 13th century.
There are many different temples that you can go and see, you can either buy a 1 day, 3 day or 1 week pass, from memory prices started from $26 for a day to $40 for a 3 day pass, they are likely to increase every year.

Above and below photos are taken at Ta Prohm where the forest are is trying to reclaim back its space. The tree roots (above) ahave literally grown over the temple, the tree roots are now holding up the temple. This is also where Lara Croft was filmed.

Angkor Wat above at sunrise.
The weather was hot and humid the best outfits to wear for a day sight seeing is loose fitting cotton clothing.

20’s Hair and Hats…

When I think of the 20’s I think flapper fashion, cute short hair styles and even cuter hats! The 20’s have to be one of my favourite eras of fashion. They were seen as rebellious, women defiantly applied make-up in public and danced into the night, something that we take for granted every day/weekend.
The 20’s saw the 1st short hair cut, the Eton Crop was the most popular and was seen on designer Coco Chanel!

Marion Davies- Finger Waves


The 1920s was a period when milliners got their inspiration from nations all corners of the globe. Inspiration was taken from Egypt, China, Japan and Russia. Headdresses including turbans, toques, kokoshniks and tiaras were all reinvented by designers.
Both the couture houses of Molyneux and Lanvin had atelier shops attached to them so buyers were able to make a hat selection at the same time as buying a dress or suit to complete the outfit perfectly. Accessories were an important feature of fashion for women as well as men.  Caroline Reboux was a designer of hats in Paris who invented the Cloche Hat which sold like wildfire around the globe.


The last two images are my favourites; you would get admiring glances wearing either today. The penultimate image, the whole outfit is amazing and could easily wear it now; I love how the bracelets are worn over the sleeve.


The 1st English Diamond Jubilee.

Was achieve by Queen Victoria On 23 September 1896, who served 64 years on the throne. The 1st Diamond Jubilee was also a reason to party and celebrate and was made the festival of the British Empire, at the time Britain ruled 1/4 of the whole worlds population!! Pretty impressive stuff.
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee procession through London included troops from all over the empire. The parade paused for an open-air service of thanksgiving held outside St Paul’s Cathedral, throughout which Victoria sat in her open carriage, as she was suffering from Rheumatism and was unable to walk up the steps, there is a plack in the place where the carriage stopped. The reported cost of the festival was a whopping £500,000!

Royal Chameleon…

Britain is known for its rich history spanning back hundreds of thousands of years. We have had lots of Kings, Queens and extended Royal Family. Over the years Royal style has changed a lot, from decadent materials accessories with Gold and Precious Stones, to military uniforms and now, most commonly seen, designer outfits. At school I was never interested in history and being surrounded by it I took it for guaranteed, now I am fascinated with our history in bite size pieces.

I am now going to take you on a short journey through the Royal dress on Britain.
King Henry the 8th
Leggings, hat and cape style robe adorned with gold jewellery. King Henry the 8th is one of the most famous Kings, mostly known for the vast number of wives he killed.
Queen Mary I
In stark contrast we see Queen Mary the 1st wearing much more understated style of clothing but still with medals and decadent in the use of sequins, embroidery and heavily jewelled.

King George III
A very rich decadent outfit which looks like fur, curtain tassel’s and again jewels.
Queen Victoria
I love these photos, I really want to what she is looking at in the corner. I love how the photo was taken as a profile shot. The clothing is typical of the era, with a corset with the use of lace and rich velvet, and of course the crown and jewellery.
A Navy uniform with feather hat and all of Edwards medals on show. These style of outfits are still seen on Phillip, Charles, William and Harry today.

The photo of George VI coronation, where you can see him wearing the same necklace style of jewels that King Henry the VIII wore.
Of course a young Queen Elizabeth II, she is wearing dress that is typical of the 1950’s era. The Queen is infamous for surporting British designers such as Hardy Aimes, Hat designers Simone Mirman, Freddie Fox.

Kate Middleton
One of Kate’s favourite designers is Alexander McQueen, who she worn 3 days in a row for the Jubilee and famously her wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Prince Willaim
For formal occasions such as wedding, jubilee and other public occasions William will wear traditional dress such as formal Navy Uniform or RAF uniform. Kate has been seen shopping in high street shops such as Gant and Zara for Prince William, his suits are made by Gieves and Hawkes which is of course found on Savile Row.