DIY Vest

Have you ever walked into a shop and thought I could make that myself? Well I have plenty of times, I love vest tops in all shape and sizes, I am the Queen of casual wear. I particularly love the dropped armhole variety of vest top with the high round neck, but I don’t really want to pay £20 quid for one. So here is my step by step, or, Do.It.Yourself, guide on how to make your own (& save yourself a few quid).

What You Will Need

T-Shirt old or new- make sure its at least 2 sizes bigger than you would normal wear.
5 minutes


If you have a bodice then put the T-Shirt on it and cut two small holes, one on the shoulder so the vest covers the majority of the shoulder; and the second about 4 inches down from the armpit.


Fold your T-shirt in half making sure that the seams on the side and shoulders meet. Then draw on a line that is slightly curved from one cut to the other and then cut along the line.


Its is then up to you if you want to hem the drop armhole. I think it looks great left unfinished especially if you have use an old rock and roll T-shirt!

So what do you think? Are you happy you gave it ago and has anyone asked you yet where you go your top from?