Designer Camera

Hermes Leica M9-P camera
If you ever wondered if you just pay more for designer labels then the release of the limited edition Hermes Leica M9-P camera has confirmed my suspisions. With a price tag of $50,000!!!! you might be asking yourself what do I get for such a vast amount of money.
Well the camera is strictly limited, instead of limited until next year or until they need a bit more cash, to 100. They are also MAKING customers who buy the camera sign to say they won’t sell the camera for two years.
Hermes Leica M9-P camera
You get a “unique” silver casing on the camera and of course calf skin leather, supplied by Hermes, which covers the casing and a leather strap included in the price, how generous!
The strangest line in Lecia press release for the camera is;
“In all other technical details, the cameras and lenses of the special editions are identical to those of the standard versions.”
So “Special Edition” is only skin deep.
Hermes Leica M9-P camera
The collaboration is a celebration of friendship between Jean-Louis Dumas, the former president of Hermès, who died in May 2010 and Lecia. Dumas was a keen amatuer photographer who never left his house with his, Leica & red note book.
You can buy his book on Amazon for around £40 and yes all the images in the book included in the Hermes Leica M9-P camera were shot on his Leica- I bet it didn’t cost him $50,000!
Designer collaboration price tags gone to far?