Quote from Wilde
Sometimes everyone needs a bit of motivation, now I don’t like soppy stuff. Here are a few motivational images/words I found on Pinterest that made me smile.

Irving Penn
I think of this one below all the time when I see people fighting for the car parking space nearest the door lol =D

Author Unknown

You can check out some more here;

Folklore & Fantasy

Tim Walker

So it’s your first day back at work after the Christmas break, you tired and don’t want to be up getting ready for work, back to reality.
You want to lose yourself in a fantasy world filled with things that you never though possibly or could even imagine in your wildest dreams. Let me introduce to you Tim Walker an amazing photographer and set designer, whose imagination knows no limits. From pastel coloured cats to set designs that Peter Pan & the lost boys would be envious off, Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers for his imagination, playfulness and how his lust for life shows through in all his images Enjoy =D

Tim Walker
Tim Walker

Tim Walker
Tim Walker
Tim Walker

Tim Walker

Fairtale Inspired Lookbook by Freepeople

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

When is saw this lookbook I fell in love with it immediately, the locations, props and inspiration behind it all are amazing! For the holiday season, fashion retailer Free People is inspired by the fantasy of fairytales with its November catalogue photographed by Anna Palma and Chadwick Tyler. Models Andreea Diaconu, Anais Pouliot, Martha Hunt, Liza Golden and Leaf revisit classic fairytales including The Princess and the Pea, Snow White, The Snow Queen, Twelve Dancing Princesses and Rumpelstiltskin while wearing enchanting winter looks.   I love that they are trying to tell a story and I think that the photos are really strong because of it. So without any more further a do here are the pics.

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook
Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook
Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook Inspiration Rumpelstiltskin
Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook Snow Queen
Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook
Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook
Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook


Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook- Inspired by Snow White

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook

Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook- Inspired by Princess & the Pea


Freepeople November 2012 Lookbook



My Inspiration

Last month I shared with you the inspiration of some of the designers from London Fashion Week. They range from travel to random women, literally. To carry on with the theme I am going to share with you my Inspiration. The image below was inspired by a bus journey in Birmingham- The women in question was wearing MASSIVE “Gold” hoop earring’s, full make-up and an Adidas Tracksuit, with one leg rolled up. For some reason I could not get her image out of my head and was fascinated by how I thought she perceived herself- In my head she saw herself as a smart business women, so I combined the Adidas Tracksuit with smart tailoring and Menswear. Random I know, don’t judge me lol =D.
It is hard to say what really inspires me as inspiration can come from all over the place. The Paint shoot seen Below was inspired by photos of the Indian festival Holi.
I have travelled a lot and I just love all the different things that you see on the way. I am not talking about staying in some swish hotel I mean backpacking here.
For “The Cat & Mouse” Shoot the idea simple started with the photographer wanting to use all black clothing, he was inspired by the Catwalk shows that were on at the time.
Another source of inspiration for me is the film “The September Issue”, I did this a separate blog about so I wont go into detail.
So what I would really like to know is where do you get your inspiration from?

Belstaff Inspiration

Belstaff head designer took inspiration from vintage suitcases and the romanticism they evoke- that time when moving from one point to another was all about pure luxury. No budget airlines then, I love vintage suitcases and the stickers they have on them from all the places their owners have been, a little piece of history.
I have been inspired into researching travel beginning in the 1920’s to the 70’s. I love the excitement you can see in the posters and the photos. International travel was restricted to the rich though because of the high prices, travel in and around the UK was done mainly on trains as they were seen as competitive on price as well as luxurious. A bit different from now hey.
Christmas in the air 1920.
Passenger cabin 1920-1929.
Meal service 1930-1939

BOAC Air Stewardess
How glamorous is this photo! I love it.
1950’s 1959
A bit cheesy but I love it.
British Airways female uniform 1977-1985 (Designer: Baccarat Wetherall)

Part 4 Designer Inspiration

You might have noticed that there was one designer missing this season at London Fashion week- Peter Jensen. He took his inspiration a women, that’s all he said to new heights, he didn’t do a catwalk show I don’t really see the muse to be a woman that would be doing that kind of thing. The new collection is titled Barbara, my mums name, and will be along the same sort of lines as the A/W 2012 collection Titled Thelma.
Zoe Jordan
A women after my own heart, Zoe Jordan has taken inspiration from a mixture of multicultural influences, from travel including natural elements of Africa and American Varsity sportswear, for her spring/summer 2013 collection. See travel really does broaden the mind.
One of my most favourite film is the “September Issue” staring Grace Coddington- Stylist extraordinaire and of course Anna Wintor. Grace said in one scene that she was told when she was just starting out by a photographer ” Always keep your eyes open” everywhere you go keep your eyes open everywhere you go. It sounds so simple but I have been trying to do that where every I go since I have seen the film & you really can find inspiration in all places, from the sky, washing up, the stranger next to you who knows.
Where is the strangest place you have found inspiration?

Inspiration Part 3!

Daks Womenswear
 Designers took fabric inspiration & cloth construction from abstract artists expressive mark making, cross-hatched surface techniques and layered brush strokes. Using floating colour, transparency, weightlessness and fluidity to reimagine the energy created by this artistic movement.
Tata Naka
Took inspiration from photographer Slim Aarons who was originally a war photographer who changed course after seeing so much negativity. He began to photograph beautiful socialites in stunning locations wearing even more beautiful clothes, his work can also be viewed as a form of escapism form the everyday. Throw in some Motown flavour and lots of fun and you have Spring Summer the Tata Naka way. I will focus more on his work next week, stay tuned.
Daniella Issa Helayel
Ahhh Daniella took inspiration from The Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark & vibrant underwater colours! I instantly had a massive childlike smile on my face. Throw in some passion & seduction and you have a modern, bold, grown up collection that is full of energy, excitement and fun! Amazing.


Designer Inspiration Part 2!

PPQ designer Amy Molyneaux describes how the five key shapes of Spring Summer 2013 are inspired by varying degrees of triangles and triangles inverted; from a A line trapeze, to floor length gown. Their desire was to create a dress for all occasion’s with out any reference to the age bracket the customers might be in. They also threw in some psychedelic 60’s prints and colours to end up with a massive fashion “party”!
John Rocha took inspiration from light and time that he spent at a vineyard near Aix en Provence. Describing his collection as Happy! Love it everyone should be Happy.
Eudon Choi
Took his inspiration partly from Stanley Kubrick’s seminal movie 2001: A Space Odyssey which was made in 1968- when 2001 and seemed like along way away. Inspiration was also taken from the 1966 film Blown Up starring model Veruschka. The collection has been exclusively snapped up by Selfridges so it must be ok.
Three very different starting points in terms of inspiration and overall three different collection. However you can see similarities in terms of colour palette and silhouette.


So as the nights begin to draw in and there is a slight nip in the air, we know that summer is slowly slipping away; and London Fashion Week has begun. I personally love looking at all the latest catwalk collection and can get lost looking at them for hours, literally. But I wanted to share with you something different than a show report, which is in every magazine and on more or less every blog.
What interests me most about the new collections is where the ideas came from, how the different ideas can end looking the same and how they were developed from there starting point.
For example Markus Lupfer’s inspiration was The Jetsons, the space aged cartoon that I used to love watching as a child. From this he has developed a collection that is both feminine and edgy.
Willow too their inspiration from playing with transparency and buy using 1950’s lingerie as outerwear. The result is a mixed bag in my view, with some interesting material choices for the evening dresses; mixed with striking shirts/tops with beautiful cut out detail shirts, where you can see the 50’s influence.
 Vintage fashion is a popular starting point for fashion designers, 1950’s lingerie is massively popular, with the sexy, feminine yet lady like silhouettes I can see why. I do find it funny though how “modern” fashion takes its inspiration from “Vintage” fashion. The 1950’s were especially known for kids or young adults- 18-30’s dressing like their parents. For being rebellious and daring and for trend setting, new designs. In 62 years do you think people will look back at 2012 fashion and think the same? Or will they still be taking inspiration from the 1950’s?