Great British Designers

Inspired by watching Mary’s Bottom Line (channel 4 9pm Thursdays), where she is trying to bring back the clothing manufacturing to Britain, were going to show you some of the best of British designers who manufacture here. We agree with Mary the price is not just the important thing, its the quality, design and the sense of pride knowing that you are supporting British people who make these products. Bring back manufacturing to Britain! 

A proud British Brand that is infamous for its quirky “British” style, its not just designed here but made here too! With “MADE IN BRITAIN” labels sewn into the garments.

Paul Smith

The famous Nottingham Brand that is still made in Nottingham.


Another classic British brand known for its cool design and quality. They currently are one of the largest employers in the North West of Britain where they make there classic wax coat.

Dr Martens

Another Iconic British Brand that has been around since April 1960, where they opened a factory in Cobbs Lane, Wollaston. The original boots wear meant for work wear but became very popular with various subcultures such as the Punks and Skinheads. 
When facing bankruptcy in 2003 they had to move a large percentage of their manufacturing overseas. They kept the Cobbs Lane factory in hope one day customers would value the “Made in England” label once again. Now the company is increasing manufacturing here in England and made 70,000 pairs in 2011 at the Cobbs Lane factory.

Kinky Knickers

I’m sure you all watched Mary’s Bottom line and know that these knickers are 100% manufactured, made, designed and packaged in Britain. I can’t wait to get mine, I’m going for pink!

Day 3!

You know the roll…. Here are our favs from day 3! We have soooooo much choice to look forward to!
Acne A/W 2012

Bright neons mixed with pastel shades and leather! How could you not love it!?

Margret Howell A/W 12

Cute pleated skirts in muted tones, straight leg trousers and cropped knitted jumpers, were thinking wardrobe staples!

Louise Gray A/W 2012

Clashing prints bright colours and wacky over the top hair and earings… not for the wall flowers of us but take elements and mix with jeans, pleated skirts or leggings and you have a great diverse and fun wardrobe!

Mulberry A/W 2012

Ah the English sweethearts Mulberry. Were not surprised to see beautiful prints, silhouettes and fabrics waltzing down the runway. We are loving the movement in the fabrics and the bright Orange tones used to warm up, an otherwise, dark palette. Hands down one of the best collections yet in our eyes. The Dog’s on the catwalk might have clinched it;)
Nichole Farhi A/W 2012

An elegant collection. Loving the black dress with the black and yellow sequins!

Thomas Tait A/W 2012

Cool oversized coats to keep us warm in Winter in a very wearable and flattering shades, brightened up with Yellow Leather trousers! Nice twist, looking forward to seeing more from Mr Tait!