Topshop Winter Wonderland Film

They like to be the leaders of the high street fashion pack and Topshop have done it again, with their 1st ever Christmas Advert/film title Winter Wonderland. Not content on just doing a film they have an A list Hollywood Starlet, that they are keeping secret, starring in it. The full length film is due to be released on the 4th December. But until then they are teasing us with snippets. Who do you think the star is? She is meant to have HUGE style credentials…..

Lovely Lauren McGee The Model

Now I’ll admit it, I have been holding out on you all with the last interview from the Ada’s Attic photo shoot, so here you have it, last but certainly not least is the interview with the lovely model Lauren McGee.

When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you
look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the
weirdest places?
As a model, most of the time people approach you with a clear concept already in mind. However I only take on projects in which I feel the concept interests me and would benefit my portfolio. I tend to find when creating my own ideas for shoots, the inspiration stems from everything around me. Whether that be current affairs, the media, literature, things people say to me or I have heard them say as well as actual physical surroundings. Subconsciously I am always observing and I like to think that observation is at the heart of the creative process. Although I love looking at other people’s work, I never try to directly replicate somebody else’s shots as I don’t see the point. In my mind the best and most effective shots are impromptu and come from your own ideas and creativity. If you rely too much upon the influence and inspiration of the work of others you risk losing your own artistic flare and originality.
Who’s work do you really like and why?
I recently came across the work of a photographer currently living in France called Nath-Sakura. She has taken some stunning shots with really unique concepts. I don’t have a particular favourite model, but I feel that the best models are versatile and can adapt their expression, physicality and posture to suit every shoot they take on.
Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?
I think what draws most people to vintage fashion is its uniqueness and how you can find some brilliant affordable pieces to really express yourself. You can often find items at cheaper prices than the high street, which is another bonus in the current economic climate.
What is your favourite colour, food, place and why?
Colour: Purple. I’m not sure exactly why, I just prefer it to other colours.
Food: Depends on my mood, but currently I would say bruschetta. It reminds me of when I first tried it on a family holiday to Italy when I was younger.
Place: The West End of London. Covent Garden has some lovely shops and places to eat and you’re just a stone’s throw away from some fantastic theatres and the Royal Opera House.
What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes
it could be anything?
I have always wanted a vintage jukebox. Although they are relatively easy to find, their cost is somewhat out of my price range. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford one!
How long have you been a model & What attracts you
to the profession?
I had my first shoot in July of this year and loved it so much that I haven’t stopped since! I love how a single frame can capture so much emotion and for me modelling provides a great creative outlet.
Tell us all a funny fact or anything else you want us to know.
In addition to being a model, I am also an actress, soprano singer and can do singing impersonations of 50s divas such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey.
Lol thank you very much Lauren for your time! To get in touch with Lauren or check out the rest of her work head over to here facebook page
or portfolio page

Duck & Cover

Duck & Cover 1950’s American Film
With all the wet weather we have had over the past few days I wanted to introduce you to a newish brand Duck and Cover. They were founded in 1996, and took inspiration for their name from a 1950’s American film about surviving a nuclear attack.
They started out as a sports brand and soon found a distinctive style that set them apart, becoming a design focused clothing company providing an alternative to the urban “uniform” or so to speak.

I like the brands classic design which they have mixed with modern fastenings and traditional prints. To check out more of thier stuff headover to

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Cool Britannia

British 1960’s Mod Scooters
Britain has been the fashion hub for decades, with London at the fore front of cutting edge design and pushing the boundaries. Our talents in fashion have not gone un-noticed either with Top French, Italian & American Fashion houses employing Brits as their Head Designer.
London 1970’s Punk’s
In comparison to the rest of Europe, British fashion is very different. Britain was the birth place of Punks, Mod’s, Rockers and so much more. We dress to express ourselves, almost wearing our hearts on our sleeves. When I think of Italian fashion I think chic, stylish & classic design. French I think the same but with a few strips thrown in 😉 I also think about the Couture Houses who have been designing and making in France for years. American fashion is somewhat harder to classify, I have been to various parts of the states, From New York, Vegas to LA (and others), and find that they have amazing high end fashion but nothing in between. You either go high end, money permitting, or Wallmart- Not good.
Alexander McQueen

I think what sets us, Brits, apart in the fashion world is our emotional connection with fashion. We don’t just wear something because someone told us it was cool, we wear it because we are trying to tell the world how we feel. We not only have an amazing selection of the best high end fashion designers from Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood, we also have, in my opinion, the best high street fashion making well designed clothes accessible to all, just look at the success that Topshop is having across the pond & through out Europe, we also have an amazing vintage fashion scene. I think the mix of subculture’s especially Punks, history, music and daring attitude to fashion has feed our hunger & passion to experiment with fashion. Even though I might sound quite serious about all this I also feel that in comparison with other countries we have quite a fun & relaxed attitude to the fashion world. We were the birthplace of the Mini Skirt, Teenage fashion, Twiggy, The Sex Pistols, McQueen( and Queeny, Grace Coddington & Anna Wintor to name a few! All in all we are still, in my eyes, Cool Britannia!
British Street Fashion 2012
British Street Fashion 2012

British Street Fashion 2012
British Street Fashion 2012

Baroque & Roll!

Baroque Fashion Trend 2012
I love the decadence of the Baroque Trend, from the use of beading, sequins, velvet, & Gold! Wear it head to feet, and don’t forget your nails! Don’t think that you can’t wear it in the day, or to work, you can just opt for a touch of sequins or even gold or if you are feeling brave why not go head to toe! Baroque Sequin Top Baroque Sequin Top Baroque Dress Baroque Full Length Dress

Rain Rain Go Away….

One word to describe the last two days, weather wise, YUK. Wind, Rain & more Rain. I am going to show you the best way to stay dry. First from one of my all time favourite designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, this Tweed wonder, I love the wrap over design & the Tweed material, perfect for adding a touch of the Heritage Trend to any Winter wardrobe.
Next up is a classic wax jacket, they always remind me of when I was a kid & I use to help my Mum & Dad on their market stall. I love the smell of a wax jacket when its wet & they make the best sound when the rain falls on them, its like being in your own waterproof cocoon. This is a Men’s version but their are women’s version.
For more great waterproofing ideas head over to

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My Vintage Ride

Spam VW Campervan
I spend A LOT of time driving and have been known to give the odd gesture when a car is on the motorway & driving at 50mph! IN THE MIDDLE LANE, I am not a happy bunny. However on the way home tonight a long que of traffic was forming in the slow lane, as I over took them, I saw the cause was a VW Camper van, instantly a HUGE smile came on my face and I found myself saying, out loud, soo cool, I love you, I am not exaggerating lol. It was from what I could tell a orange colour with sea creatures on the front coming down the side. I am not bothered about cars at all as long as it goes I couldn’t care less what I am driving, but a VW is different. I love the way people spend ages customising them to fit their own personality & lifestyle. They are an extension of you I believe, My boyfriend & I often joke that we should just spend our house deposit on one and live on the drive =D.
Here are some of my favourite VW camper van designs!
Cool Flower VW Camper van
Fire VW Camper van

This is properly what I’ll end up with =D

VW Camper van Side Cart

Meet Claire Glauch Make-Up Artist

Ada’s Attic
 To keep the theme running, I am now going to introduce you to the lovely Claire the MAU & hair stylist on the shoot for Ada’s. If your looking for make up tips then read on!
When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you
look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the

weirdest places?
Claire- Anywhere really! If I get a really specific brief I’ll research some ideas to compliment it but usually I find inspiration from something random I see in a craft shop or art gallery. A lot of the time I’ll practice different looks on myself and see what works and what doesn’t – get the creative juices flowing!

Whose work do you really like and why?

Ada’s Attic
Claire- For simple but gorgeous natural makeup I love Lisa Eldridge – she never seems to get it wrong! I also love the Illamasqua artists as they really put the artistry first.

Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?

I think that, because British fashion can be so quirky, vintage clothing allows you to be more experimental with your look and lets you combine the best pieces/trends from throughout the decades.

On a more personal note….What is your favourite colour, food, place and why? Don’t worry I won’t ask you anything to personal=D
Colour: pink because it always cheers me up
Food: cucumber… random I know! I don’t even know why, I just really like it!
Place: Barcelona because there are always new things to discover. Also I really love all the gorgeous architecture.

Ada’s Attic

What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes it could be anything?
A Dior gown, just like the one Natalie Portman wore to this year’s Oscars. I wouldn’t even wear it; I would just keep it hung up to stare at!

How long have you been a Make-Up Artist? What attracts you
to the profession?

Nearly 2 years now, I just love the way it lets me unleash my creativity and create some amazing pieces of art.
Thank you so much Claire for taking the time to answer my questions. You did a great job on the day & would highly recommend you to anyone!
Ada’s Attic
To check out more of Claire’s handwork headover to her website;

Meet Kyle Insley- Photographer
As you all know I did a shoot for my Vintage Boutique just over a week ago. I love the images we got from them, and it appears ASOS do aswell, as Ada’s Attic is now on the People Catwalk =D. So I thought you might like to get to know the photographer from our fashion shoot, Kyle Insley, I have asked him a few questions about his work, vintage, art & travel read on to find out more! =D
When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the weirdest places?
Kyle-I usually go off idea’s straight from the top of my head with the rare occasion that I try and vary on a photo that has inspired me and I mostly use those photos purely for inspiration for back drops etc
When I have an idea I spend days to weeks searching the web for images that have features that fit with that idea I have thought up, collating and highlighting them into mood board style collections and then send them to the models/stylists etc. with the idea put into writing along with them..
The idea’s rarely seem to work exactly how I’d imagined them but usually for the better, It’s really interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of the idea you try and put across and usually the best photos are always the ones you didn’t try all that hard to achieve.. They just seem to happen!
who’s work do you really like and why?
Kyle-I have an endless list of photographers whose work I really like, it’s hard to explain why but mostly I find I really like those who have come to develop an identity/style and gone with it, to an almost perfection level..
Among those people are Victoria Sims, Jaime Ibarra, Nikos Vasilakis, Zhang Jingna, Akif Celebi, Alexei Bazdarev, Roberto Girardi & Satin Popalam Putyatina.
Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?
Kyle-I think vintage is starting to become so popular through the whole Lomography scene, although this has been around for years now, especially with things like Instagram being so popular with the vintage photography look so easily achieved on an iphone and other devices, people have appeared to accept this whole concept and the feeling from these photos seems to have begun to spill into fashion more recently with clothing headed more and more toward this direction.
What is your favourite colour, food, place and why?
Kyle-Colour – White, Food – Calzone, Place – Helsinki, Finland – The most beautiful place I’ve ever been, still true to its Scandinavian roots with its architecture and endless cobbled roads and green parks, very multinational, fluent English speaking place surround in three directions by the Baltic sea endless coastlines, a short train ride from the northern lights and easily the most polite relaxed friendly environment I’ve visited.
What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes it could be anything?
Kyle- Anything that catches my eye.. usually I tend to buy random and unique picture frames.
How long have you been a photographer?
Kyle- I’ve been doing photography for the last 8 years on and off, I took it as a main subject at college as an easy grade for my UCAS application and was surprised how technical it all was and how much more work was required from my initial expectations.. After college I continued with it on a low level and always kept an interest in cameras, mostly medium format but only in the last 16 months have I really go back into it, bought a new DSLR, some other kit and ventured into the whole portrait and model type of work which I have found to be the most appealing and have since took a keen interest in the fashion genre..
_The thing that I found to be the most attractive about this direction has been how different and striking an image can turn out to be on camera from what is seem by the naked eye, the things and places you see daily you start looking at as props and locations and people, you start looking at as models and thinking what type of setting the would suit and what you could achieve with them..
Very cliché but it changes the way you treat and look at your surroundings.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions so well! We loved working with you. To check out more of Kyle’s Great work head over to his website-

Menswear to Wear

I do, sometimes, feel a bit sorry for Men when they go shopping, they are usually stuffed into the back corner & either have “Teenage” or “Old Man” fashion (in the words of my boyfriend) to choose from. I do think it is harder for Men to find clothes on the high street, so thank goodness that 
offer a great range of designer Menswear from the latest brands & hottest trends. It also means they don’t have to go shopping with you Woop Woop 😉
I am LOVING the heritage trend for Men right now with the use of heritage materials such as Tweed &  heritage styling such as the 3 Piece Suit! Which is amazing, I want Antony to get one. If you don’t feel confident enough to wear a 3 piece just yet then this Navy Check Blazer from Gant is the perfect solution. With a more subtle check print referencing Tweed this would look amazing at work or on a night out!–CoatsGant-Check-Blazer-2B-2V-M-In-Navy_57_58_3219_0.html
 Or if you are trying to introduce the Man in your life to the finer things then this Loake Luxury Shoe Care Box would make a perfect Christmas Present. As you all know I love anything vintage & this is reminiscent of how shoes were cared for.