Elvaston Castle

Gothic Hall Elvaston Castle- 1633

When I was a kid I hated anything to do with history & I took it for granted how much history we have as a country. I was born in Nottingham & we lived very close to an amazing place called Elvaston Castle, which is a massive estate with a supposedly haunted house, not your average 3 up 2 down house, I mean mansion style house. I have memories of running around the gardens as a kid; they had a maze made out of hedges! Back in the day you could even go in the house. Unfortunately the up keep of a house and grounds this size was immense and they closed the doors of the house in 2001 to the public. In 2008 it was classed as a building at risk, after bids by hoteliers and Golf courses to “lease” the house & grounds from the council, for a 150 years!!!, have finally once and for all been rejected. Derbyshire City Council have renovated the Gothic Hall back to what it would have looked like when the house was first built, which was in the 1633!

Gothic Hall Elvaston Castle

As you can see they haven’t done a bad job =D. The room will be open to the public a few times over the year, dates to be confirmed, but I can assure you I will be there with bells on! For more information on how the community are trying to save Elvaston Castle, check out