The Slogan T-shirt Tribe….

So the second Elizabethan age has not been without its fashion moments. The 50’s saw the 1st rebellion of teenagers who for the first time wore clothes that weren’t the same as thier parents, the freedom that we have now was unheard of.  The 1st fashion revolution began with the Teddy Boys and has never stopped growing, Every subculture began with the need of self expression.

The swinging 60’s saw the teenage dominance of fashion grow again with the mini skirt, with Mary Quant & Twiggy leading the way. The 70’s were Hippie Chic and a all love, peace and flower power and in stark contract Punk with DIY fashion and safety pins there design choice. 80’s saw women taking to the business world with Power Dressing. The 90’s was all Herion chic and saw a rise in body piercing and Tattoo’s. The noughties saw the influence of celebrities and throw away fashion influence our shopping habbits. 
From Biba to Ossie Clarke, Vivienne Westwood to Alexander McQueen, the most groundbreaking inspiring designers have emerged from the British Fashion Scene, I am not the only one in agreement, in the top French, Italian and American fashion house British designers are influencing fashion around the world .

From Carnaby Street in the 1960s to Glastonbury in the 2000s, the Queen’s country has led the world in street fashion. The slogan t-shirt has been around for literally decades, with the 1st being sold in London’s Kings Road by Mr Freedom. The designs have changed from Disney characters to shock political slogans such as “Destroy” designed by Vivienne Westwood and partner Malcolm McLaren, which they referred to as the ultimate punk-rock T-shirt. It was the 80’s that the slogan T-shirt reached saturation point because of Katharine Hamnett, dressed in a “58% Don’t Want Pershing” T-shirt, she was photographed shaking hands with the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher at a Downing Street reception for London fashion week designers in 1984. Her designs were copied world wide with megastars such as Wham wearing slogan T-shirts such as “Number One” and “Choose Life”, to “Frankie Says Relax”, “Just Do It” to J’Adore Dior. Sixty years ago, the slogan  T-shirt simply didn’t exist; now, there is one in most wardrobes. (Before you exclude yourself: what about that FCUK T-shirt you wear to do the gardening?)
Fashion has always been about communication, and the slogan T-shirt shows how communication has changed, wearing a slogan T-shirt is a modern form of tribal branding. We are less interested in listening to received wisdom (whether these be dress codes or expert analysis of the world around us) and more interested in telling the world what we think (by wearing a slogan T-shirt or by posting our views on social media).

In the last decade, as fashion has taken an ever more central position in pop culture, slogans have become increasingly self-referential: think of Carrie Bradshaw wearing a J’Adore Dior T-shirt in Sex and the City, and the designer name-dropping T-shirts with which Henry Holland made his name at London fashion week.

With the reasuregance in DIY fashion I think that slogan T-shirts will be around for decades to come, the sad thing is that the slogans of the 80’s would still be relevant today. These problems- Nuclear Weapons, World Hunger and Faminie are still around. I would wear a Katharine Hamnett design with pride.

Jubliee Style

Some good news to help everyone get through Monday, next week is the Jubilee weekend which means 4 Days of freedom and The Diamond Jubilee, there is only one other country, Thailand, that has had a monarch in power for longer that HRH, and that is only by 2 years. There is not better reason to celebrate, relax and to get the bunting out.
So what do you have planned for your 4 day weekend? Street party, BBQ, Nights out? Here is my guide on what to wear for the Jubliee weekend.
1.Street Party

Street parties are fun, colouful and lively events so this outfit is perfect. The skirt is bold and bright worn with a patterned oversized top it looks great! For the hair I have just loosely curled and the pulled to oneside and clipped in place using hair pins, very quick and easy just how I like it.
2. BBQ’s
BBQ= lots of food, sun (hopefully) and Pimms/Beer. Which means denim shorts and sleeveless top to get a great all over tan. The above look is also great if you decide, as my friend and I normally do, that we do want to go out at 11pm and don’t have time to change or can’t be bothered, this will look great worn out. Perfect, just watch out for the ketchup!
3. Out Out.
Your going out out and you want to wear something special. This flapper style dress is perfect, it looks great with falts or heels and the sequins catch the light. Sooo pretty!
4. Just Out

If your just nipping down the pub then this oversized leopard print top is perfect. Wear with shorts or jeans.

Queen Chic

Elizabeth as young child.
 So its Queenies Diamond Jubliee in a little over a week and what better way to celebrate 60 years on the throne that looking back over her wardrobe.
At Balmoral with Charles and Anne.
She is the most photographed women in the world with a varied working life, from welcolming world leaders one day to visiting charities or local hospitals the next no day is the same, you could say her clothes are her uniform. The Queen always wears a two inch heel, hemlines are always well below the knee and she always carries a handbag.

Hints of the Hippie Trend with a Butterfly style hat.

The Queen is known for her conservative outfits, accessorised with sensible comfortable shoes and handbags, five years ago she was listed in Vogue magazine, beside Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, as one of the 50 most glamorous women in the world. I can see why, she is, and always has been stylish, she looks comfortable in her outfits and is not a slave to fashion and that is important. Everyone has an image of what she should look like in their mind and she knows that. She also surports British design.

The year of here coronation, with a sharper shilouette.

6-7 years ago traditional British style was very cool, with all the Dolce & Gabbana models wearing below the knee tweed skirts and headscarves and big, boxy bags- A look that Queenie has been rocking for years.

Very cool lace outfit, with gloves and parisol.

In her younger years The Queen was in step with fashion and certainly had an influence on the fashion of the 50’s and 60’s. But now she has developed her own style which is appropriate for her age, you could never say she’s mutton dressed as lamb! “The Queen is not terribly interested in fashion- fashion is what other people do” Freddie Fox

Monochrome outfit with bold shapes and ankle length dress.
Queenie always looks smart, elegant and never overdress, which I think is a sign of an amazing working wardrobe. She is now a women in her 80’s and what she wears is well cut and flattering. The point I feel is that she always looks like The Queen- We would be very disappointed if she didn’t.
Two pieces outfit very 80’s and very cool.

Blooming Marvelous….

Birmingham’s Entry at Chelsea Flowers Show 2012

Not only is the sun shining and everyone is smiling but Chelsea Flower show is in full swing. A big trend for spring summer 2012 are floral prints, from tee’s to trousers all the way back to Hawaiian Shirts, florals are huge. If you like to stand out from the crowd then don’t hold back and go head to toe, if your looking for something a bit more understated then a pretty dress or discreet top would work well.

Here are some styling ideas..

For a simple and elegant look this dress works wonders, it has a beautiful discreet floral strip print and mid length. I love it.

If you are feeling more daring this floral cropped jacket is perfect, its eye catching, colourful and perfect for summer.

This black floral dress is a smart casual dress suitable for work and the pub. With its double breasted fastening it is flattering and comfortable… Perfect.

This bold floral short sleeved dress is eye catching and pefect if you want to be noticed. Its also fun and very flattering.

The Hippy Dream

I was chatting with my mum the other day about the fun thing I remember from growing up; the house always being full of people and animals, building a tent that took over my whole room- using my mums airing horse, all the pegs and a good proportion of sheets as well, going on holiday to Norfolk managing to fit 5 kids and 2 adults into a tiny 2 bedroom house, getting trapped in one of the bedrooms of that house with 2 of my cousins and shouting HELP HELP HELP for literally hours before either my mum or auntie came and helped us. And it dawned on me I come from a family of Hippies!

At secondary school I would have classed myself as more of a tomboy than Hippie but looking back I stand corrected. I am always being told I am very laid back and I’ll give anything a go once. I do find it strange going into a house where there is empty shelves and even stranger if the cupboard under the stairs is…. empty! Why waste that valuable space. If you were to walk into my house you would think that a family of 5 lives there, not two =D. To further confirm my suspicions of my Hippie nature, and family, I decided that I wanted to do a Jubilee inspired cover story for my vintage boutique, so I went upstairs and casually pulled out a Union Jack flag dress, al la Geri from The Spice Girls, from 1 wardrobe I then went to another wardrobe ( an insight into just how much stuff is actually in my house) and pulled out a brand new Union Jack flag, with out even having to look for it. No surely this isn’t the case in everyone’s house, if it is in yours please let me know, So I have accepted that I am a Hippie, so I am going to show you some of my favourite Hippie inspired outfits for this season.

A common misconception of Hippie style is maxi dresses, fringing and cowboy boots. Don’t worry this is not the case… Read on…
Woodstock Fashion
Ashley Olsen
Tie Dye Maxi Dress.
Hippie Street Style

Key Features:
Oversized tops and dropped arm holes.
Loose fitting shilouettes.
Denim Shorts, frayed, studded, dark or light denim anything goes
Emblished tops, sequins and studs, even better if you can have both.
Tie Dye- Anything really LOVING tie dye.
Bright colours pinks and blues.
Fringing on the bottom of tops and waistcoats.
Layering thin layers of clothing and layer on the long necklaces and bracelets, friendship bracelets are great.


Northern Vietnam- Sapa

Sapa one of Vietnams most northern cities, people mainly go there to go hiking through the rice fields that you can see above and to meet local tribes.
After spending 20 hours or more getting there, with no toilet, we stayed here for 3 nights 4 days. The highlight of our stay was the hike we did with a local Black Hmong Tribe, Lily, to her house. We spent 4 hours walking down into the rice paddies where we then stopped for lunch at Lily’s house with her family. Amazing! Such a great day they loved telling us about thier tribe. The most amazing thing was that Lily, aged 54, had never been to school but had taught herself how to speak Vietnamese and English, she couldn’t even write her own Black Hmong langauge. Incredible, thanks Lily for a great day out.

Because we Cannes….

Premiere season is in full swing with the Cannes Festival this week. We have been inundated with glamorous photos of the rich and famous looking, well rich and fabulous! So we thought it was about time we showed you how to re-create some red carpet looks for less.
This week were going to re-create Jessica Chastains D&G outfit.

Photo by WENN
I am LOVING the Polka Dots very cute but we can imagine that Jessica’s D&G dress cost a pretty penny or few thousand of them.
So for our wallet friendly version we have…. DRUM ROLE please…..

A snip at £34.99 it has those cute Polka Dots and natural wavy hair. It will look great with sandals or if you are feeling really jazzy why not throw in some socks aswell. We were feeling Jazzy.

Follow us on ASOS Marketplace as every week we will show you how to re-create the red carpet look on a shoestring budget.

Flashback to the 1920’s

The costume history image in our minds of a woman of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ is actually likely to be the image of a flapper. Flappers did not truly emerge until 1926.  Flapper fashion embraced all things and styles modern.  A fashionable flapper had short sleek hair, a shorter than average shapeless shift dress, a chest as flat as a board, wore make up and applied it in public, smoked with a long cigarette holder, exposed her limbs and epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel who danced the nights away in the Jazz Age. I think this is quite funny that there were known as reckless rebels a term I would more associate with Punks.

People often mistakenly assume that all dresses, day and evening, were short in every year of the twenties and that flappers were the only fashion style of the twenties.  Dress and coat lengths were actually calf length and quite long for most of the decade.  Shortness is a popular misconception reinforced by the availability of moving film of the Charleston dance which shows very visible knees and legs on the dancing flappers.

After the first world war (1914-18 women’s fashion became more masculine. Female clothes became looser and more shapeless in fit. The bust was suppressed, the waist disappeared, the shoulders became broader and hair shorter and shorter.  Narrow boyish hips were preferred.  The silhouette emphasised a flattened chest and womanly curves were eliminated as the line became more simplified.

By 1920 the silhouette of Coco Channel’s clothing designs became to be the epitome of 20’s style.  The work of other famous designers beside hers seemed old fashioned. She promoted the styles we associate with flappers. She worked in neutral tones of beige, sand, cream, navy and black in soft fluid jersey fabrics cut with simple shapes that did not require corsetry or waist definition.  They were clothes made for comfort and ease in wear making them revolutionary and quite modern.  She was the Jean Muir or Donna Karan of her day and the originator of the LBD – that little black dress. 
Key features of the decade:
Calf length skirts and dresses
Masculine Silhouettes- flat chest
Loose fitting drop waist dresses with simple fluid shapes.
Short haircuts and women wore and applied make-up in public, something never done before.

Long cigarette holders

neutral tones of beige, sand, cream, navy and black in soft fluid jersey fabrics with an added bit of sparkle, usually beading.

Festival Fashion

With summer in the air and the hum on lawn mowers everywhere I can almost smell the summers festivals. There is nothing better than standing in a field and watching your fav DJ’S and bands play your fav tunes! Love it! There are soooo many great festivals on as well all over Europe were really spoilt. Here are my favs and some budget outfits, who want to spend a fortune on an outfit anyway =).
Hideout Festival Croatia-
29th June- 1st July 2012

High Lights-
Chase & Status
Annie Mac
Sub Focus
Erol Alkan
Andy C
1 week of Sun and awesome music in a stunning location and if that wasn’t enough the tickets only cost £99 FOR THE WHOLE EVENT!! BARGAIN!! Not surprisingly then that they have all sold out.
For a effortlessly cool laid back festival like this I’d keep clothing low key, denim shorts, bikinis, cute over-sized tees or a dropped armhole if you can find one.

This stunning beaded top has a scooped neckline on the front and back, its cool and quirky with out looking like you have tired to hard, and its only £24.99!

Sonar Festival- Spain-
14th June- 16th June

Hight Lights-
Lana Del Ray
An electronic festival which has day events which is focused on looking for new talent and a night event which is all about established acts, and how electronic music interacts and works with other genres.
I went a few years ago and saw Blondie, The Verve and Kings of Leon, and amazing festival which is getting more and more popular.

This bright pink shirt is great for festivals, its eye catching and will go with anything! Wear with denim shorts, the frayed the better, and cute gladiator sandals. The best thing is its only £14.99!

Bestival Festival- UK-
6th Sept- 9th Sept

Stevie Wonder
Emeli Saunde
Scratch Perverts
A fantastic mash of all thing creative, music, art, fashion…. This is the hippie festival of the 21st Century, be as cool as you want or as crazy wacky out there full fancy dress as your imagination will let you. There’s no limits and the music line up is AWESOME!!!! Ah just so good I’m getting goose bumps thinking about it!

What happens at Bestival stays at Bestival, well and on facebook! Part of the appeal and fun at this festival is fancy dress, let you imagination run free, this sequined dress is sure to catch an eye or two. It will look great worn with ankle wellies, glow stick necklaces and face paint galore.
Ahhh I’m sooooooooo excited!!!