Discount Code for Asos Marketplace
Because I HEART you I have decided to extend my sale until the 10th Feb, so you can buy that someone special something nice, for Valentine’s Day, whilst also being nice to your wallet! So all you need to do now is remember to make this V Day a day to remember and not the next Dooms Day.

To get a 10% Discount on EVERYTHING just enter VDay at the checkout…. Simples

Where, How, Why = A Grade

I thought I would share with you all where I get my stock from and how, its a question that I love to ask other vintage seller but often they don’t like to answer.
I handpick ALL of our stock, from every Scarf & Ring to every Dress & Coat. No Matter what the item you can be guarantee that we have thoroughly check every item over, with our beady eye’s =D. The reason we had pick is to ensure that we get & subsequently sell only A grade stock. Per Kilo maybe cheaper but that’s not what were about.
*Our Moto is “Quality over Quantity”.*

Vintage Heaven
We like to vary where we get out items from. We are always on the lookout; we head to specialist vintage dealers near and far. Whenever we go away we always head to vintage dealers to see what they have to offer. We want to make sure we have a diverse range of stock to excite & inspire you.

Vintage Ice Cream Seats- Sorrento, Italy
Why do I sell vintage clothing? Well *I 100% love it*! I love that Vintage is unique, 1 of a kind & original. I also love knowing that no one else will be wearing what I am & I also appreciate the quality of materials and construction frequently found in vintage clothing. I also sleep like a baby every night knowing that no sweat shops were involved=D
Why do you buy vintage? I would love to know, comment, tweet @adasattic or on fb