Vintage Spain


Hola Mi Amigos,
Were back after our fantastic holiday in Spain, we threw lots of Tomatoes at the La Tomatina Festival, we swam in the sea in Valencia and took in lots of amazing sights in Barcelona; We also ate lots of Gelato and savoured the Sangria & Cerveza… It would have been rude not too… don’t you think?
So with colour in our cheeks and lots of inspiration in our minds we have lots to share with you all, but first of all, we just wanted to say HI! =D
We also though that you might be interested in a little street that we found in Barcelona dedicated to selling Vintage clothing. We saw everything from vintage telephones to swimsuits and everything in between. We were in heaven, but whilst we were there we managed to take some photos for you so you can see what heaven looks like.


The street is called Carrer De la Riera Baixa which is off Carrer de L’Hospital just of the world famous La Rambla. The best time to go is around mid-day to early afternoon as they don’t open early but stay open quite late to around 7ish usually. What struck us most about the different shops were how they were all completely different inside. There was one which sold everything vintage to games, furniture, clothes and even marbles! Another focused on sourcing period vintage clothing with the motto the older the better, One wanted you to rummage through draws and rails of stock; and finally another set out their shop like an independent boutique with quirky, individual decoration, this was by far my favourite it was called Motel. They had a book where visitors could write and draw there comments in displayed on an vintage ironing board complete with iron! There was a bath tub full of scarves and even a fish lurking in the shop somewhere. It was such a nice shopping experience, I would recommend it to anyone.