Part two.

Carrying on with the South American theme were now in Bolivia at Salar de Uyuni, the world largest salt flats. 

At nearly 5000 meters above sea level its not as warm as it looks but it is even more stunning in real life! The blocks that you can see are actually bricks craved out of the salt which was used to building the salt hotel which we stayed in. It is glaringly bright and as the floor is all white you can create some really cool distorted perspective photos. Its a great 3 day trip that cost me roughly around £50, including all accommodation, food and travel, it is worth being in a clapped out Jeep driving through a country that has not yet discovered roads. In my eyes this should be on the bucket list, incase the bucket list people agree with me get there ASAP….. STUNNING

Photo- Me Rachael Sadler

Blooming Marvelous!

 So we all know its Mothers Day on Sunday, and if your wanting to get your Mummy something more original than flowers then how about…… Flowering Tea…… Yes you did read that correctly, Flowering Tea! Amazing, beautiful and you get to drink tea and therefore eat Cake! Everyone is a winner! Check it out below.
Dragon Eye Flowering Tea



A very happy Mothers day for all! Enjoy!

Graffiti Hotel!?!

J’adore J’adore J’adore ! This room by graffiti artist Tilt for the Au Vieux Panier Hotel in France, a luxury hotel who asked 6 different artist to create a room, Tilt’s room is by far our favorite. We love the colours and how he has left half of the room white, almost like dead space. The finishing touch for us is how everything, including half of the bed, windows, curtains and chair have been covered in graffiti. Very cool….. Tilt do you want to graffiti my room????=D 

Au Vieux Panier Hotel France half Graffiti room by Tilt
Au Vieux Panier Hotel France half Graffiti room by Tilt 
Au Vieux Panier Hotel France half Graffiti room by Tilt 
Au Vieux Panier Hotel France half Graffiti room by Tilt


Simply a collection of thing we love…..

I want to have my toast and eat it to
Ferris Wheel
Floating Castle Ukraine
Hidden Animal Tea-cups
“Horsey” by Eungi Kim
Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Book
M/V Aria
Tim Walker’s Pastel Cats
Sarah Williams Suitcase
The book of Origami by Isaac Salazar
The ceiling of the Undercover Boutique Tokyo
Up & Die
Vicktok & Rolf Couture Autumn Winter 2000-1
Berndnaut Smildes Cloud in a room

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Up close and personal with Newgen

As were sure you are all aware Newgen works with up and coming designers to showcase and bring you new talent. Menswear is really on fire this season and you guys out there are being spoiled for choice, I am slightly jealous! Your being offered jazzy prints below and beautifully simple tailoring and new ways to style garments. Footwear is also hotting up with cool shades in formal footwear, something that is new. Were really loving it so here are our favs!

Credits: Catwalk King

Menswear Day 6 at LFW!

Whenever I go into shops I always feel sorry for Men, who usually have a small selection squeezed into the back corner. But after seeing what is on offer from the designers showing at London’s Fashion Week, I no longer have any sympathy! Guys you are being spoiled. From cool classic cuts to crazy out there wacky prints, layers and simple styling you have everything on offer to you that us women do. Enjoy!

E.Tautz A/W 2012

Strong Simple Silhouettes, classic style.
James Long A/W 2012

A more casual, boho inspired collection. A modern Kurt Cobain style.
Lou Dalton A/W 2012

Again a classic, understated collection with a vintage twist.
Man A/W 2012

A very out there, in your face collection, with some interesting use of colour, print and silhouette.
Matthew Miller A/W 2012

A collection that has both the wardrobe staples and the more fashion lead pieces.
Oliver Spencer A/W 2012

Classic, cool and very manly!
Rake A/W 2012

This collection is for your modern day man who likes to look like he was from a year gone by. A man’s man collection, sexy!

Day 5 at LFW…

Sorry for the delay, but were sure its worth the wait. Here are our favorites from day 5 at London Fashion Week.

Ashish A/W 2012

Graphics, prints, sequins, metallic and everything in between. I’m not sure if I like the collection or if i am just overwhelmed by looking at it….
Aminaka Wilmot A/W 2012

A space inspired collection, The strong silhouettes really bind the collection together.
Dion Lee A/W 2012

Beautiful attention to detail, love the cut out panels! Absolutely love this collection.
Mary Katrantzou A/W 2012

Over the top “frilly” outfits from Mary K this season. A stray away from the heavily structured pieces we are use to seeing. Beautiful colours!

Bally collaboration with Central St Martins

Now we LOVE finding new talent and are always on the look out for new designers be it in menswear, womenswear or accessories. We know how hard it is to break into to the fashion industry so we want to show case as many new designers as possible. 
Below is Bally’s collaboration with Central St Martins, beautiful, clean, simple lines and outstanding tailoring. What is there not to love!

Day 1 at London Fashion Week Our Favs

Bora Aksu A/W 2012

Full of beautiful pastel, pink and orange tones which create a bold and beautiful winter collection, our favourite collection shown yesterday. Inspiration for the prints are clearly taken from lace paired with Victorian detailing, carried on from his Spring Summer 2012 collection, you have a beautiful, feminine and sexy collection. Black tights have never looked so good!

Basso and Brooke A/W 2012

Basso & Brooke’s clashing collection mainly featured trousers and and oversized jackets,there were no shortage of prints with the colour pallet straying from monochrome to include pastel tones and bright fire orange. 

Fyodor Golan A/W 2012

Bright reds which liven up a monochrome pallet. To us the best thing about this collection is that its daring, different and very stunning. We LOVE the White coat on the left and the beautiful detailing on the all of the dresses, which again have a Victorian feel to them, with high necklines and lace inspired detailing.