Nailed IT

So the unthinkable happened yesterday, I forgot my password and managed to lock myself out of all my Google linked accounts, so that’s why didn’t post yesterday. Thankful after a much need sleep my brain is back to full working order and I have managed to sort it out.
Nail Colour Trends 2013
I was fancying a new nail colour yesterday so nipped into town to see what I could find, I was drawn to barely there colours in muted tones and metallic. Both trends which have been seen on the catwalks for 2014. In the end I couldn’t make up my mind and left without buying a single one. But I did have one multi toned nail ( can’t really say colour can I?) And what I think could be a new trend, I am going to call it the “Artist Palette” as it reminds me of when a painter is mixing colours. What do you think?