Made In Britain

Topshop 2013

I have seen a welcome rise in clothing being “Made in Britain”, Topshop currently has a collection which has all been made in Britain. I feel that when buying clothing which has been manufactured over here that I am buying a better quality product and also helping to provide & sustain important skilled jobs in clothing manufacturing, an industry which has been severely affected by our need for fast cheap fashion.

Price- of course price is important to everyone- consumer & retailer. Topshops collection price range starts from £6.65 for fake nails up to £160 for a Coat, which is their standard pricing really. Another great way to by “Made in Britain” clothing is to buy vintage, where you will also get better quality fabrics- such as Cashmere & Silk, at a lower price point.

Do you think this is another fashion “trend” or do you think our attitude to shopping & clothing is changing? #MadeInBritain @adasattic