Invest Your Money In These….

There are something’s in life that will always be popular, a niche aspirational market some might say, things that never go in or out of fashion are above and beyond trends and that not just hold their value but frequently increase in value, sometime against marketplace trends. Two items that will never go out of fashion, in my eyes anyway, are a VW Campervan & The classic Chanel black handbag.

Vintage Chanel Handbag

Stylish, cool and desired by a wide age range but why? What makes these two items stand out from the crowd? For me the VW Campervan has that element of fun, freedom and the ability to make me smile, thiking about all the fun I could have in it, the endless summer road trips. The ability to decorate it in my own style and really just to make it mine. VW enthusiasts are also known for their close knit community, if you like, and there are shows all around the country where people can meet and admire VW Campers. I think for me it also remind’s me of my backpacking days…

Split Screen VW Campervan
Now the Chanel Handbag in my eyes is classic in style and shape yet has great design features and is just B-E-A-UTIFUL. I love the chain strap and the logo of course and the quilted effect on the leather. But for me it’s just the perfect size for day & night. It also makes me smile.
I love these items not just because they are “fashionable” I love them because they suit me and my personality…. I also feel quite attached to them, even though I have neither, because of the history behind them. To me each of the two have their own story to tell and I am more than happy to listen, I just need to own them =)

How To Do Monochrome 2013
I have always been a fan of black & white outfits, they are so easy to wear and look great, very stylish, so I am loving adding a pop of colour to it for Spring Red just looks amazing! Very eye catching and freshen ups the whole look. For the shoot I did on Sunday I also added Geometric print to it. What do you think?

Sneak A Peek Behind The Scene!

Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot
I have been busy bee the past few days, on Sunday I not just styled but I also organised and planned the whole shoot for my Vintage Boutique, Ada’s Attic. Here are some behind the scene images. Keep your eyes peeled for the final photos of the next few days!
Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot
Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot

Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot
Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot
Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot
Behind The Sceen @ Ada’s Attic Fashion Shoot
The location was a cafe that had been restored back to its original 1906 features. The cafe use to be a butchers and green grocers and on the ceiling you can even see the original metal hook that the gas light hung off! Its beautiful, thanks to everyone at Pete’s Upper Crust Cafe for letting us shoot there! We will be back! F

Make-Up Mood Boards For Ada’s Attic Shoot

Make-up & Hair Trends 2013
So I have had a very busy weekend prepping and shooting for my vintage boutique, Ada’s Attic. A lot of time goes into not only sourcing the stock but finding models, photographer, Make-up & hair and finally location. After all that is done I then build up outfit ideas, prep them to ensure they are ready to be worn straight away so ironing is involved. I then research make-up trends and ideas to create moodboards so that I can show the make-up artist & hair stylist what I’m aiming, there not set rules they are more like a starting inspiration point. As this was a commercial shoot there was no “theme” to it so no research was done to develop a story like I would do normally, I think that this gives editorial work more depth and in return makes it more memorable.
Here are the moodboard for hair and make-up for the shoot. Tomorrow… behind the scenes!

Make-up & Hair Trends 2013

Fashion Week….Do You Really Care?

Sibling London Fashion Week 2013
Now I LOVE looking at all the new collection from ALL of the various fashion weeks around the world- Really I think it should be called fashion month! But I have been thinking that I am in the minority of people who really care about looking at new season fashion a whole half a year ahead. Seriously were still trying, desperately to escape this winter so why do we want to bypass summer and skip straight to next winter?! I can see both sides to the argument- and yes I do also find it quite funny, the obsession with the shows and trends that are usually repeated to a certain level. The hype around the whole event- everywhere from, newspapers, magazines, blogs, twitter & even Facebook, when everyone is thinking…. “We Don’t Care” To the high street shops which are now selling sunglasses and swimwear with not a warm coat or winter knit insight. Really it is crazy but hey you have to laugh…. actually you probably don’t even care to have read this post, so I will giggle to myself 😉


5 Day Promotion On Now!!!

There is a MASSIVe half of promotion on for 4 More DAYs!… I have put our best, newest pieces into the promotion, here are some photos to wet your appetite…….
WAS £125 NOW £62.50!!! This coat will keep your warm and stylish all day long!—cashmere-mix-libertys-70s-coat/624604
WAS £130 NOW £65.00!! This AMAZING Liberty’s designer coat is Cashmere & Wool coat is just perfect! A steal @ £65.00!!
WAS £24.99 NOW £12.50 this dress in this YEARS hottest colour Cobalt.
We have leather jackets & boots, scarfs and much much more!! So what are you waiting for!

Return Of Grunge

Dries Van Norten SS Grunge Fashion
Yep another trend that was around in the 90’s is re appearing again in 2013, Grunge fashion never really went away with ripped jeans, doc martens and check shirts always in fashion. But this season we can look forward to slogan tees, acid wash jeans ripped or not, dungarees shorts and dresses, Converse high tops, red lipstick and painted nails! It was also the year that Thelma & Louise made their getaway!

90’s Grunge Street Fashion

To add a more grown up touch to the Grunge trend, try adding leather or velvet to your outfit, a leather or velvet pencil skirt is great and would look amazing worn with loose fitting plaid shirt and ankle boots- Doc Martens or other clumpy style boot. Or like seen on the Dries Van Norten ss collection plaid shirts/ tops in fancy materials- chiffon, high shine materials and silks look amazing and give the trend an updated look for 2013.

Or go all Courtney Love in skin tone- Nude- dresses, sexy and yet very laid back in style terms- wear with minimal jewellery- Red lips and short painted nails in dark shades.

The Year Of The Skirt

Mark Fast- Autumn Winter 2013
London Fashion Week has been full of statement skirts, from maxi to mini, to feminie and floral to feathery and bold. Everything & anything is going here. On the catwalk of Mark Fast & Sister by Sibling and everything in between. Its clear that we will be getting our legs out ALL of this year From Spring back round to Winter.

Sister By Sibling- Autumn Winter 2013

East Meets West…..

Mary Katrantz Ready To Wear Autumn Winter 2013
I am seeing a trend appearing in the recent London Fashion Week collections, graphic eastern prints on typically western silhouettes like the T-Shirt, and then graphic skyline prints on eastern silhouettes. The clash is style is completely confused but just looks soooo good! I love the bold statements that this micro trend is making especially if it’s in monochrome. Check it out!

Mary Katrantz Ready To Wear Autumn Winter 2013

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique A/W 2013
Topshop Unique showed their collection today at London Fashion Week, streaming it live online. I loved watching the show and think that it’s a great way to promote their brand, which is aimed at the masses so to speak, I think they will see a rise in sales and also an increase their loyal following.
Topshop Unique A/W 2013
Topshop Unique A/W 2013
Topshop Unique A/W 2013
Topshop Unique A/W 2013
 Besides that the collection was stunning, full of looks suitable for all tastes, the colours ranged for monochrome with highlights of red, to pastel blues, top to toe pastel pinks and floral browns. Texture was a massive player in the collection, with block coloured outfits- in the same colour different shades this time- was broken up with the use of contrasting textures. High shine skirts, furry sweaters. Overall I loved the collection, the choice of music was also great and paired with the clothes gave Topshop Uniques Autumn Winter Collection seem very fresh & light, words that are usually used to describe Spring Summer. My question is though….. WHAT NEXT?!?

Topshop Unique A/W 2013