Jubliee Style

Some good news to help everyone get through Monday, next week is the Jubilee weekend which means 4 Days of freedom and The Diamond Jubilee, there is only one other country, Thailand, that has had a monarch in power for longer that HRH, and that is only by 2 years. There is not better reason to celebrate, relax and to get the bunting out.
So what do you have planned for your 4 day weekend? Street party, BBQ, Nights out? Here is my guide on what to wear for the Jubliee weekend.
1.Street Party
https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/skirts/vintage-pleated-skirt/336353 https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/tops/vintage-floral-top/339792

Street parties are fun, colouful and lively events so this outfit is perfect. The skirt is bold and bright worn with a patterned oversized top it looks great! For the hair I have just loosely curled and the pulled to oneside and clipped in place using hair pins, very quick and easy just how I like it.
2. BBQ’s
BBQ= lots of food, sun (hopefully) and Pimms/Beer. Which means denim shorts and sleeveless top to get a great all over tan. The above look is also great if you decide, as my friend and I normally do, that we do want to go out at 11pm and don’t have time to change or can’t be bothered, this will look great worn out. Perfect, just watch out for the ketchup!
3. Out Out.
Your going out out and you want to wear something special. This flapper style dress is perfect, it looks great with falts or heels and the sequins catch the light. Sooo pretty!
4. Just Out


If your just nipping down the pub then this oversized leopard print top is perfect. Wear with shorts or jeans.