The much debated subject in fashion is Fur. From the days in the 20’s when anyone who was well to do or who could afford it wore Fur with out a second thought. To the 90’s where the super super models, the likes of Naomi Campbell, campaigned and said they would rather go naked than wear Fur for PETA.
Fast forward two decades to now & there is rise in the use of real fur by the top fashion houses. Gucci, the company that owns the Stella McCartney Brand who is known for animal rights, sanctions use of real fur in many of its other labels have all had real Fur on their catwalks this year, see photo above from Gucci’s catwalk this season. Which makes me think why? Why is it now deemed ok to wear real Fur again? I know everyone thinks that fashion goes round in circles, and 90’s fashion is a huge trend now, but I don’t think its ok to wear or use real fur in a collection. The thought to me of poor animals cruelly reared just so some can wear their coat is disgusting. No animal should suffer in vile conditions more frequently than not, never seeing day light, in poor countries not known for their animal kindness. 
The subject I most struggle with is Vintage Fur…. I know a lot of people who have inherited it, people who wouldn’t wear new real Fur but would wear vintage real Fur…. For me, however much I love vintage clothing, I would still say no to real Fur vintage, or not. Why wear real when faux fur these days are beautiful & also much easier to care for. The place, I feel, for real Fur is in museum’s so we can all appreciate their design & the social history they hold for our country. I think a lot of people feel the same, we deem to be a nation of animal lovers, so why would you want their coat on your back? Not for me- This is not because I have been a one time Vegan & Veggie for the past 11 years.

Brrrr Winter Style Guide.. Part 1


Well well well what a weekend hey, on Friday I was still wearing my cropped black leather jacket still feeling smug & warm. On Saturday it was warmer out than it was in, & I took delight in warming up in the Sun- Still in my cropped leather jacket. On Saturday night I had to get my faux fur on & get my ass out of the door, much to my disappointment I wasn’t too hot wearing it, much winter coat of last year! Yesterday I was cold & wet most of the day and really felt like having a duvet day.
All this activity has confirmed in my mind that, sorry for saying it, winter is on its way. So put your cute little sandals, crop tops and rainbow dresses away. Some of the biggest trends for Autumn Winter 2012, are the oversized silhouette, Berry shades- Burgundies, Purples & Reds, Masculine styling/tailoring, and Black on Black- think fashion Goth =)


The fashion Goth look was seen on the Gucci Runway for Autumn Winter 2012, I love the combination of different materials to create depth & interest. This is a key element of doing the Black on Black trend, two black will never be exactly the same so why try to match them?!
Here is my “Wish List” for the Black on Black Trend from http://www.cruisefashion.co.uk/, and boutique that sell in shops all through the country and online.
1st on there is this STUNNING!!! Alexander McQueen Victorian Black Lace Jacquard Pencil Dress. I reckon you would feel like a million dollars wearing this. It is sexy yet feminine at the same time; I love the high neckline & the mix of different lace.

Another knock out from Alexander McQueen with this classic Sculpted Black Wool Crepe Coat, this has just been reduced as well! Check it out at http://www.cruisefashion.co.uk/womens-2/coats-jackets-103/alexander-mcqueen-sculpted-182902.htm
I would these brilliant YSL Tribute Black Patent Leather High Heel Patent Sandals. The Peep Toe Sandal is massive for Autumn Winter & is a classic design that will always look great. These would look great with jeans, dresses skirts, leggings or worn with socks! Amazing!
To complete the look I would finish with this Gucci stirrup brocade Black Leather Clutch Bag. I love everything about it! Stunning
So what do you think? Will you be trying the Black on Black trend this Autumn Winter?