To The Future

This post has nothing to do with Fashion or Travel but something I just felt like saying/writing. To all those people who have just received their GCSE results well done! No matter what grades you got, even if they were not as good as hoped expected, you can rest easy know that you tried your hardest.
Fire Artist- Ibiza

I do feel for all of today’s teenagers, I don’t remember ever having this much pressure on me when I took mine. From memory I don’t remember anything about them being on the news, in papers or online. My mum was the best and never put any pressure on me knowing that I would try my hardest anyway.

Sunset San Antonio
All you have to remember is that GCSE’s are NOT the be all and end all, if you have ambition, self motivation and drive you WILL succeed. You will find you path in life and be successful in whatever you decide to do. So here is to the future =D