Fashion Week….Do You Really Care?

Sibling London Fashion Week 2013
Now I LOVE looking at all the new collection from ALL of the various fashion weeks around the world- Really I think it should be called fashion month! But I have been thinking that I am in the minority of people who really care about looking at new season fashion a whole half a year ahead. Seriously were still trying, desperately to escape this winter so why do we want to bypass summer and skip straight to next winter?! I can see both sides to the argument- and yes I do also find it quite funny, the obsession with the shows and trends that are usually repeated to a certain level. The hype around the whole event- everywhere from, newspapers, magazines, blogs, twitter & even Facebook, when everyone is thinking…. “We Don’t Care” To the high street shops which are now selling sunglasses and swimwear with not a warm coat or winter knit insight. Really it is crazy but hey you have to laugh…. actually you probably don’t even care to have read this post, so I will giggle to myself 😉