Men’s Suits In 2013

3 Piece Suit

Before this year had already begun Antony & I had already been invited to 5 weddings! No better time to invest in a new suit for Antony, I LOVE 3 piece suits and think that they not only look great for more formal occasions such as weddings but also in the office. Here is a selection of my favourite 3 piece suits, Antony I hope you are reading=)

1. Classic Tweed- This screams English Gent; I prefer darker shades and a subtle Tweed Print, wear with plain shirts in muted shades- white, blue, grey etc.

3 piece formal suit
2. Black- Classic colour that will ALWAYS look good, you can add colour with shirts & ties, however I like to stick with a white shirt.

3. Navy Blue- This is a great alternative to Black. It is still a smart colour that will look great for years, this looks great worn with coloured & patterned shirts.
How to do suits 2013


You pay for what you get when it comes to a suit, you can tell a cheap suit from a mile away. Saying that though you can get a decent suit for a couple of hundred pounds from high street retailers which can then be altered to fit you perfectly. If you invest more money now, it will last you for long. Look for high quality material such as wool blend suits so they aren’t to hot for summer, with a quality lining to help keep you cool when its hot & warm when its cool.