Are you Shwopping??

A new scheme has been lauched by M&S promoting us, the general joe, to go Shwopping in their stores, shopping + swapping= Shwopping. When ever we buy an item in their stores they want us to donate an item, it doesn’t even have to be from M&S, they will then donate all the items to Oxfam.

But is this really the 21st century fashion revolution that M&S are claiming? All of us have already either been donating our unwanted clothing to family or friends, my sister & I regularly share and swap our wardrobes, or have donated to local charity shops. The savvy shoppers among us have even found an item or two whilst we were down there. Other past initiatives, not from M&S , were swapping parties where everyone has to bring an agreed amount of items to swap. No money needed.  

To be honest I think that we are all clued up to see that this isn’t really a fashion revolution, I completely agree with M&S that no clothes should go to landfills and that we should recycle clothes like we do paper and plastic. Personally I have charity shops in walking distance from my house so I will just keep donating directly to them. So what do you think Fashion Revolution or Marketing Fad?