From Day To Night Leather Trousers

How To Wear Leather Trousers
Whatever you call it; Leather, Pleather, Faux Leather or PVC it’s all the same and boy I do love a pair of Pleather trousers (my preferred noun). Pleathertrousers aren’t a new trend for Autumn Winter, the ones I am wearing are from 2012, but I wanted to show you that you can get your Pleather’son day and night.
 To keep it casual for day wear with trainers, converse or for when winter hits (sorry), clumpy boots and thick socks. These instantly give you a more casual look.
Leather Trousers For The Day
For nights go as wild as you like as pleather trousers look good with heels, flats, boots, wedges….. Etc. I love the look and love my pleathertrousers. How do you wear yours?
and the 80’s Mickey Mouse Jumper is available here