My Life On A Shoe String

 If you have ever met me or have been reading this blogfor a while you will know that I love fashion and travel. 

Me & the Pigeons in Rome
My main passion is obviously fashion, but I also love Travel and the psychology behind what we wear. I am intrigued in trend prediction and anything to do with Art always interestsme.
  With lots of things changing in my personal life, buying my 1st house! Growing up my vintage business. I want to share how you can still have your cake and eat it =)

Vintage From Rome Italy
So to clarify I will still mainly be writing about fashion but also want to share my love of travel with you too, I will always post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, if the mood takes me or I have something I can’t wait to share with you I will post it straight away, so make sure you are checking back regularly.
Thanks Rach