New Stock Drop & London Fashion Week!

Vintage 80s Pink Jumpsuit & 60s Oversized Wool Coat, LFW look

With London Fashion Week just around the corner there is no better time to restock your wardrobe for autumn, and getting street style photo ready!

Vintage Denim, Midi Skirt & 50s Midi Dress

Tartan Skirts, Leather & Denim, LFW

With a new stock drop to make you drool, but at least your eyes will be happy, VERY happy! With everything from 80s pink jumpsuits, real glamorous 60s maxi dresses, luxurious winter coats and statement jackets, stick with us and you will never have been so well dressed!

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Tail Tails- Fashion For The Tall
Oversized Bomber Jacket with mid length Tee, cropped jeans & ankle Boots.
If you are blessed with extra height, it has taken me many years to see it as a blessing, then you really can ignore the “standard” fashion advice. Take it from me I know about tall fashion, I am 6ft1!
Oversized Kimono Style Top with high waisted levis shorts and ankle boots.
A lot of people will tell you not to wear ankle boots as they make you look a couple of inches shorter, wear block colours to add height and finally don’t wear long layers as they could drown you. Well if your tall then you can break every single one of those rules in just one outfit.
Above is one of my favourite looks at the moment, Knee length jackets with cropped jeans and ankle boots. I think that it shows off your height to its best and just looks really cool.

A Day In The Life……

Outfit For The Day- Vintage Levis 501’s & Metallic Knitted top


I am sure no one is really interested but I though I would share a day in the life of me.
Each day can be completely different but most start with an early morning rise around 6 and with a large Coffee and Big Breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I always make sure I have it.
7am- I leave my house and head into Birmingham to get the train into London so once I’m on the train I spent my time reading and replying to emails.
10am- I arrive at Portland Place, my destination for the day, where I have come to style mannequin for Spring Summer 2013 Womenswear Presentation for Next. All the clothes have already been sourced from a range of high end designers to high street retailers. There are 6 trends that have been identified; Demi Couture, Modern Tailoring, Tea Rose, Denim, Unisex & Modern Casual. Each of these trends have mood boards, showing silhouettes, colours and fabric samples.
Mood Boards

 1pm After lunch the models arrive, there are two models for each of the above trends. Make-Up & Hair are discussed and decided on.

3pm- Catwalk run through with music takes place, after the 3rd run through everyone is happy with the outcome with just a few notes on timing of the music.


4pm- Final outfit changes on the mannequins are decided and changed last minute shoe’s arrive so they actually fit on the mannequin and models feet. Layout of mannequins are rearranged to achieve best look and to allow enough room for models to stand by the correct mannequin.
5.15pm- Head back toward Euston to get return train back to Birmingham New Street. On the train on the way back I reply to all the messages I have had through out the day. All email addresses are checked and replied to, one less job to do when I get back.
7.30pm- Get home and have my dinner waiting for me, I have a very good Boyfriend =).

8pm- Watch Great British Sewing Bee whilst editing photos for my vintage boutique, so I can list a new item. I like to list at least one item a day to keep people interested and always coming back, that’s my plan anyway.

9pm- Time to update this blog, again I try to update at least every other day.
10pm- Shower and off to bed…. Another fun, busy, tiring but enjoyable day ahead =)

Would You Wear It?

Scrunchie 90’s Fashion
Last year I posted a “How To” guide on making scrunchies, something that I loved do with my older sister when I was a kid. With the 90’s fashion trend, not just sticking around, but growing momentum Scrunchies are hitting fashion forward stores such as Urban Outfitters. But I have to ask would you wear them?? Have you been wearing them since the 90’s or do you think its a step to far?
Vivenne Westwood
Me…. I am keeping an open mind…. I am going to make one over the next couple of weeks so I will let you know.

Today I am Wearing….

Today I’m Wearing

Need a little Monday Morning style inspiration? Well look no further & check out what I am wearing today. I have gone for a vintage animal print dress in Cobalt Blue, one of my favourite colours & massive for this season. Finished off with Black leather gloves which were my nans & a Danimac Rain Mac… Perfect, stylish & functional. Footwear are some animal print pumps with gold studs, I have mixed two prints in this outfit as they are both quite subtle so it works well.
Today I’m Wearing


Sorry for the bad joke/title but I couldn’t resist. All over the country people, maybe even you, are graduating from uni in the coming days, weeks, months. Today I went to see my little sister graduate, from London College of Fashion, with a 2.1 in Footwear design, not bad hey. To add icing to the cake she is also working with Nike on a sustainability project, so as you can imagine I am a very proud sister at the moment.
Now enough of all the mushy stuff =) lets talk about fashion. As you can imagine it was quite a fashionable event, everything from shabby chic to just plain chic. One of the most popular looks for men were brogues, socks and skinny jeans rolled up, whilst the Ladies were rocking dresses, & high waisted mid length print skirts. So what will you be wearing to yours? Do not fear I am here to help, hear are some top tips to keep you looking effortlessly cool while you graduate.
Option 1- If only everything was Black & White
This monochrome printed dress is perfect for a graduation, with its loose silhouette, drop waist and pleated bottom it is flattering on all shapes. If you want to be centre of attention wear with black wedge high heeled ankle boots with cut out heel detail.
Option 2- Printed Sophistication
Make this pleated floral skirt even cooler by wearing it with lace, a trend that is hear to stay so learn to love it=). To complete the look wear with black patent sandals, like below, and a boxy cropped leather jacket! Oooo sooo chic!
Option 3- Lady like, with a twist…
This look will take you from graduation to party with no effort involved, with the cute cropped jumper,, worn with the sexy but ladylike leather skirt this is the perfect all rounder outfit. To finish off the look it has to be socks and sandals to give the impression butter wouldn’t melt… We know the truth 😉
And for all of the Gents out there the staple for your wardrobe is the printed polo shirt. Not only does it look great with jeans but it would look Dapper worn with a suit.

So now you all know what to wear I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today Chris Moore gave a speech as he was give an honouree degree for his lifetime of work a fashion photographer. I loved his speech, he came across as being very humble and funny, he said “never give up” and I really do believe that if you work hard that we can all achieve our dreams.

CONGRATULATIONS KATE! and everyone =D (sorry couldn’t help myself)