Meet Claire Glauch Make-Up Artist

Ada’s Attic
 To keep the theme running, I am now going to introduce you to the lovely Claire the MAU & hair stylist on the shoot for Ada’s. If your looking for make up tips then read on!
When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you
look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the

weirdest places?
Claire- Anywhere really! If I get a really specific brief I’ll research some ideas to compliment it but usually I find inspiration from something random I see in a craft shop or art gallery. A lot of the time I’ll practice different looks on myself and see what works and what doesn’t – get the creative juices flowing!

Whose work do you really like and why?

Ada’s Attic
Claire- For simple but gorgeous natural makeup I love Lisa Eldridge – she never seems to get it wrong! I also love the Illamasqua artists as they really put the artistry first.

Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?

I think that, because British fashion can be so quirky, vintage clothing allows you to be more experimental with your look and lets you combine the best pieces/trends from throughout the decades.

On a more personal note….What is your favourite colour, food, place and why? Don’t worry I won’t ask you anything to personal=D
Colour: pink because it always cheers me up
Food: cucumber… random I know! I don’t even know why, I just really like it!
Place: Barcelona because there are always new things to discover. Also I really love all the gorgeous architecture.

Ada’s Attic

What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes it could be anything?
A Dior gown, just like the one Natalie Portman wore to this year’s Oscars. I wouldn’t even wear it; I would just keep it hung up to stare at!

How long have you been a Make-Up Artist? What attracts you
to the profession?

Nearly 2 years now, I just love the way it lets me unleash my creativity and create some amazing pieces of art.
Thank you so much Claire for taking the time to answer my questions. You did a great job on the day & would highly recommend you to anyone!
Ada’s Attic
To check out more of Claire’s handwork headover to her website;