Make-Up Mood Boards For Ada’s Attic Shoot

Make-up & Hair Trends 2013
So I have had a very busy weekend prepping and shooting for my vintage boutique, Ada’s Attic. A lot of time goes into not only sourcing the stock but finding models, photographer, Make-up & hair and finally location. After all that is done I then build up outfit ideas, prep them to ensure they are ready to be worn straight away so ironing is involved. I then research make-up trends and ideas to create moodboards so that I can show the make-up artist & hair stylist what I’m aiming, there not set rules they are more like a starting inspiration point. As this was a commercial shoot there was no “theme” to it so no research was done to develop a story like I would do normally, I think that this gives editorial work more depth and in return makes it more memorable.
Here are the moodboard for hair and make-up for the shoot. Tomorrow… behind the scenes!

Make-up & Hair Trends 2013

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Meet Claire Glauch Make-Up Artist

Ada’s Attic
 To keep the theme running, I am now going to introduce you to the lovely Claire the MAU & hair stylist on the shoot for Ada’s. If your looking for make up tips then read on!
When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you
look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the

weirdest places?
Claire- Anywhere really! If I get a really specific brief I’ll research some ideas to compliment it but usually I find inspiration from something random I see in a craft shop or art gallery. A lot of the time I’ll practice different looks on myself and see what works and what doesn’t – get the creative juices flowing!

Whose work do you really like and why?

Ada’s Attic
Claire- For simple but gorgeous natural makeup I love Lisa Eldridge – she never seems to get it wrong! I also love the Illamasqua artists as they really put the artistry first.

Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?

I think that, because British fashion can be so quirky, vintage clothing allows you to be more experimental with your look and lets you combine the best pieces/trends from throughout the decades.

On a more personal note….What is your favourite colour, food, place and why? Don’t worry I won’t ask you anything to personal=D
Colour: pink because it always cheers me up
Food: cucumber… random I know! I don’t even know why, I just really like it!
Place: Barcelona because there are always new things to discover. Also I really love all the gorgeous architecture.

Ada’s Attic

What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes it could be anything?
A Dior gown, just like the one Natalie Portman wore to this year’s Oscars. I wouldn’t even wear it; I would just keep it hung up to stare at!

How long have you been a Make-Up Artist? What attracts you
to the profession?

Nearly 2 years now, I just love the way it lets me unleash my creativity and create some amazing pieces of art.
Thank you so much Claire for taking the time to answer my questions. You did a great job on the day & would highly recommend you to anyone!
Ada’s Attic
To check out more of Claire’s handwork headover to her website;

Meet Kyle Insley- Photographer
As you all know I did a shoot for my Vintage Boutique just over a week ago. I love the images we got from them, and it appears ASOS do aswell, as Ada’s Attic is now on the People Catwalk =D. So I thought you might like to get to know the photographer from our fashion shoot, Kyle Insley, I have asked him a few questions about his work, vintage, art & travel read on to find out more! =D
When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the weirdest places?
Kyle-I usually go off idea’s straight from the top of my head with the rare occasion that I try and vary on a photo that has inspired me and I mostly use those photos purely for inspiration for back drops etc
When I have an idea I spend days to weeks searching the web for images that have features that fit with that idea I have thought up, collating and highlighting them into mood board style collections and then send them to the models/stylists etc. with the idea put into writing along with them..
The idea’s rarely seem to work exactly how I’d imagined them but usually for the better, It’s really interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of the idea you try and put across and usually the best photos are always the ones you didn’t try all that hard to achieve.. They just seem to happen!
who’s work do you really like and why?
Kyle-I have an endless list of photographers whose work I really like, it’s hard to explain why but mostly I find I really like those who have come to develop an identity/style and gone with it, to an almost perfection level..
Among those people are Victoria Sims, Jaime Ibarra, Nikos Vasilakis, Zhang Jingna, Akif Celebi, Alexei Bazdarev, Roberto Girardi & Satin Popalam Putyatina.
Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?
Kyle-I think vintage is starting to become so popular through the whole Lomography scene, although this has been around for years now, especially with things like Instagram being so popular with the vintage photography look so easily achieved on an iphone and other devices, people have appeared to accept this whole concept and the feeling from these photos seems to have begun to spill into fashion more recently with clothing headed more and more toward this direction.
What is your favourite colour, food, place and why?
Kyle-Colour – White, Food – Calzone, Place – Helsinki, Finland – The most beautiful place I’ve ever been, still true to its Scandinavian roots with its architecture and endless cobbled roads and green parks, very multinational, fluent English speaking place surround in three directions by the Baltic sea endless coastlines, a short train ride from the northern lights and easily the most polite relaxed friendly environment I’ve visited.
What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes it could be anything?
Kyle- Anything that catches my eye.. usually I tend to buy random and unique picture frames.
How long have you been a photographer?
Kyle- I’ve been doing photography for the last 8 years on and off, I took it as a main subject at college as an easy grade for my UCAS application and was surprised how technical it all was and how much more work was required from my initial expectations.. After college I continued with it on a low level and always kept an interest in cameras, mostly medium format but only in the last 16 months have I really go back into it, bought a new DSLR, some other kit and ventured into the whole portrait and model type of work which I have found to be the most appealing and have since took a keen interest in the fashion genre..
_The thing that I found to be the most attractive about this direction has been how different and striking an image can turn out to be on camera from what is seem by the naked eye, the things and places you see daily you start looking at as props and locations and people, you start looking at as models and thinking what type of setting the would suit and what you could achieve with them..
Very cliché but it changes the way you treat and look at your surroundings.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions so well! We loved working with you. To check out more of Kyle’s Great work head over to his website-

The Autumn Must Have…

The nights are drawing in and there is a slight chill in the air, fret not my friends winter is not yet here, the best way to look fashionable and still keep warm is with this seasons must have “The Jacket”. Yes it isn’t a new invention but this season there is a massive focus on Jacket for their versatility- they can be worn now, again in spring and even layered up or worn under coats in Winter!
They are also an easy and affordable way to buy into a new season trend. Here are a few of my favourites at the moment.

Oversized Blazer is a must have, it makes every outfit look effortlessly cool.
Black cropped jacket! Who ever doesn’t have one in their wardrobe what is wrong with you?! What have you been wearing for all of these years??
This jacket is perfect for adding, some much needed, colour to your Autumn wardrobe, its also 100% wool! Perfect for a chilly morning or cool night out.
Say hello to this smart floral vintage print jacket, perfect for the vintage print trend and also a subtle version of the Baroque trend.
Ahhh soooo many trends all in one jacket! Velvet “check”, Gothic “check” & tailoring “check” all in a beautiful dark green colour what more do you want from one jacket? Jeez =D 


Sorry for the bad joke/title but I couldn’t resist. All over the country people, maybe even you, are graduating from uni in the coming days, weeks, months. Today I went to see my little sister graduate, from London College of Fashion, with a 2.1 in Footwear design, not bad hey. To add icing to the cake she is also working with Nike on a sustainability project, so as you can imagine I am a very proud sister at the moment.
Now enough of all the mushy stuff =) lets talk about fashion. As you can imagine it was quite a fashionable event, everything from shabby chic to just plain chic. One of the most popular looks for men were brogues, socks and skinny jeans rolled up, whilst the Ladies were rocking dresses, & high waisted mid length print skirts. So what will you be wearing to yours? Do not fear I am here to help, hear are some top tips to keep you looking effortlessly cool while you graduate.
Option 1- If only everything was Black & White
This monochrome printed dress is perfect for a graduation, with its loose silhouette, drop waist and pleated bottom it is flattering on all shapes. If you want to be centre of attention wear with black wedge high heeled ankle boots with cut out heel detail.
Option 2- Printed Sophistication
Make this pleated floral skirt even cooler by wearing it with lace, a trend that is hear to stay so learn to love it=). To complete the look wear with black patent sandals, like below, and a boxy cropped leather jacket! Oooo sooo chic!
Option 3- Lady like, with a twist…
This look will take you from graduation to party with no effort involved, with the cute cropped jumper,, worn with the sexy but ladylike leather skirt this is the perfect all rounder outfit. To finish off the look it has to be socks and sandals to give the impression butter wouldn’t melt… We know the truth 😉
And for all of the Gents out there the staple for your wardrobe is the printed polo shirt. Not only does it look great with jeans but it would look Dapper worn with a suit.

So now you all know what to wear I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today Chris Moore gave a speech as he was give an honouree degree for his lifetime of work a fashion photographer. I loved his speech, he came across as being very humble and funny, he said “never give up” and I really do believe that if you work hard that we can all achieve our dreams.

CONGRATULATIONS KATE! and everyone =D (sorry couldn’t help myself)

Summer Sumer Summer Time

So its Summer Time and with the expected, fingers, arms & legs crossed everyone, good weather predicted for this weekend we have added lots of wonderful pieces of vintage clothing to Asos Summer Sale. There is from classic staples such as white shirts to pleated skirts to 100% Real Leather Jacket! I know were generous but we love a bargain to so we though you would aswell. Enjoy!

Escapism- Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia Siem Reap, the temple above is Bayon. The temple consist of hundreds of faces of King Jayavarmam VII who built the temple so that he was always looking down and watching over his people. The faces are in surprisingly good condition seeing it was constructed in the late 12th to early 13th century.
There are many different temples that you can go and see, you can either buy a 1 day, 3 day or 1 week pass, from memory prices started from $26 for a day to $40 for a 3 day pass, they are likely to increase every year.

Above and below photos are taken at Ta Prohm where the forest are is trying to reclaim back its space. The tree roots (above) ahave literally grown over the temple, the tree roots are now holding up the temple. This is also where Lara Croft was filmed.

Angkor Wat above at sunrise.
The weather was hot and humid the best outfits to wear for a day sight seeing is loose fitting cotton clothing.

Escapism….. Malaysia

Tioman Islands Malaysia
 It was hard work spending a week here, we spent our days snorkeling, swimming, eating and drinking, with duty free prices beer it was the cheapest place to have a drink in Malaysia, being a Muslim country drinking is against their religion so alcohol is expensive. It was 40 degrees in the day and 30 at night! The island had limited electricity so there was no power after 1am, it was also a car free island. One word STUNNING!
It was so hot all you need is a bikini and something that doubles up as sarong and beach towel.

A girls best friend…… Leather

Leather should be a staple in everyones wardrobe, a leather jacket is timeless and will never go out of fashion. But you don’t just have to stick to leather jackets anymore…. leather skirts are ” so hot” right now and how can you make them even “hotter”?… By adding pastel tones to them! They look great worn in the day with a cute little knitted number or sporty jacket. For the night time go all out and pair with sexy sheer tops in matching shades.
If you like to stitch with Leather on your top half and your looking for an extra special leather jacket then vintage is the right way to go, the 80’s did leather sooooo well and if your lucky you can find some around today. Whatever way you decide to go be it, 80’s, pastel or skirt you will be going in the right direction.

How do you wear your Leather?=D