Capsule Wardrobe Part 4 The Skirt

Vintage Hemlines
Hemlines have been getting longer and staying long for a while, but don’t fear you can still show off those pins. The 3 main skirts to have in any wardrobe are…..
1. Maxi/Midi depending on how tall you are 😉 this one is perfect yes its back but it has a, very, sexy split at the side is very flattering, easy to wear and goes with just about everything.
Black Side Split Skirt
2. Yep black again but Suede this time, this is a modern take on the classic black pencil skirt. The fact that it is made from real suede instantly adds interest and texture to any outfit, smart enough for the office and cool enough to wear out after.
Black Suede Pencil Skirt
3. Yes you guessed it, it has to be denim, I don’t even think I need to explain why. But I shall I just love the fullness of the skirt and how you can decide how much or how little leg you want to show. It also end at about ankle length which is very flattering as it is the thinest part of you leg! Perfect.
Denim 70’s Full Midi Skirt
So what are you waiting for its summer get those legs out =D

The Spring Jacket

If you buy one new thing all season long make sure its a jacket- be it a blazer, denim or leather- The jacket will see you straight back through to winter again, where they also look great worn under a fur coat.

Oversized Denim jackets are a Massive trend this season, and colour denim goes and forget double denim its all about triple denim this year!

Go Masculine with oversized blazers where with everything & anything in your wardrobe… trust me you will love it.

Oversized 80’s Masculine Blazer

Like the colour blocking trend? Then this fitted jacket is perfect with double breasted fastening and fitted silhouette you will love it!