The New Balance- Fashion + Function!?

Fashion Trainer Trend 2013
I have never been a girl to kill my feet for “fashion” I have also always been taller enough not to have to ever wear heels, even though sometimes I would quite like to. But now fashion has taken the comfy route… Yep Trainers are once again cool to wear. The brand of choice at the moment is New Balance, I had a pair I wore in the gym years ago! I love New Balance Trainers as they are the perfect mix of fashion & function- Great choice of colours & Comfy to wear etc, to add the cherry to the cake they are also made in Britain! Woop Woop.
New Balance Trainers 2013
A huge smile comes across my face whenever I see a smartly dressed well preened women with a pair of these amazing trainers on. It looks effortless cool and extremely stylish.

Fashion Trainer Trend 2013
Colours you say? Well it depends on your style really if you want to stand out and be bang “on trend” ( I feel dirty for even saying that) then go for eye popping Neon’s, for a more longevity in your trainers go for a more subtle grey/ black base colour with Neon Highlights. This is yet another kick back from the 90’s Trend which is here to stay.
Right so where did I leave my gym bag….. 4 years ago!