London Collection: Men’s

London Collection Mens
London Collection Mens is in full swing with the best of Men’s fashion design showing their newest collections, from established designers such as McQueen & Savile Row to New up and coming designers such as Diego Vanassibara & Lee Roach. Quite clearly putting London firmly on the Menswear map.
The above short fashion film is a perfect example of how a well produced film can bring fashion to life and leave you wanting more.

Something for Men

The other day I went shopping with my boyfriend, we headed into town expecting to find him something to wear straight away, he hates shopping and usually shops online. I had managed  to convince to physically go into town, I was sick of him walking around in Beer T-shirts he had bought whilst we were travelling, still thinking that he looked cool, I would say border line homeless especially if he hadn’t shaved. So off we went with high expectations and we found…. nothing. If your a teenager who likes wearing skinny acid wash jeans with tight tight polo shirts or your the older gentleman then your well catered for anywhere in between I think theres a real lack of choice.

That is until now, with the rip roaring success of the 1st Mens Fashion Week.

Agi & Sam

Colour Blocking

Now I am not saying that you should suggest your boyfriend goes out and does the shopping in the outfit below. But I think they could gain inspiration from the collections, maybe they can wear shorts in summer- I don’t know why men have issues around this still… They can be smart for the office too, or maybe try introducing bright colours to thier wardrobe. Colour blocking like above- same colour but different shades would look amazing and is so simple to do. Cos is great for mens wear as is H&M, and Zara and they are all reasonably priced.