Return Of Grunge

Dries Van Norten SS Grunge Fashion
Yep another trend that was around in the 90’s is re appearing again in 2013, Grunge fashion never really went away with ripped jeans, doc martens and check shirts always in fashion. But this season we can look forward to slogan tees, acid wash jeans ripped or not, dungarees shorts and dresses, Converse high tops, red lipstick and painted nails! It was also the year that Thelma & Louise made their getaway!

90’s Grunge Street Fashion

To add a more grown up touch to the Grunge trend, try adding leather or velvet to your outfit, a leather or velvet pencil skirt is great and would look amazing worn with loose fitting plaid shirt and ankle boots- Doc Martens or other clumpy style boot. Or like seen on the Dries Van Norten ss collection plaid shirts/ tops in fancy materials- chiffon, high shine materials and silks look amazing and give the trend an updated look for 2013.

Or go all Courtney Love in skin tone- Nude- dresses, sexy and yet very laid back in style terms- wear with minimal jewellery- Red lips and short painted nails in dark shades.