Embrace The 80’s Sports Jacket

They are shiny, bold, brash and in your face, they usually feature a mix of clashing colours in a questionable shiny fabric. They don’t keep us warm or cool but they are handy for keeping the wind at bay. They have the power to make people smile and others to wretch in disgust, yes you got it I am talking about the 80’s Sports Jacket.
No other item of clothing brings such a vivid image to my mind as the 80’s sports jacket, and I am quite happy to see that they are making a comeback. I personally love their bright colours and wind breaking ability, I love that I smile every time I see my reflection whilst wearing one and laughing at others people reactions too. I think they sum up the 80’s perfectly… Big, Bold and Colourful.
In my eye they are the perfect festival jacket… making you easily found by your friends ;D, element of wipe clean and all in all lots of fun! Now who said Fashion isn’t fun?