The Tweed Run 2013

Tweed Run 2013
The Tweed Run 2013 took place in Central London on the 13th April, in a very British Style. There were few rules apart from attire and bicycle style. Everyone who took part had to be dressed in Tweed and the bicycles has to be vintage style.
Tweed Run 2013
The Tweed run has been going since 2009 and is gaining more and more popularity, the main idea behind it is to get people together to have some fun in a very British manner…. Tweed & Cycling sounds British to me. So good show old chums tallyho & toddle pip.
Tweed Run 2013

The Great Gatsby @ Cannes Film Festival

THE GREAT GATSBY will open the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The long-awaited Baz Lurhmann remake will be screened in 3D on the first night of this year’s schedule, the 15th of May.
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan as Daisy, the F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation was originally scheduled to open in Christmas 2012, but was pushed back to allow Lurhmann more time to perfect the production.
The Great Gatsby Film 2013
It has been confirmed that over 40 costumes in the film were custom-made by Miuccia Prada, using reworked pieces from the Prada and Miu Miu archives. The jewellery featured all came courtesy of Tiffany & Co, while the men’s costumes were created by American brand Brooks Brothers. With my love for all things vintage I think that this is going to be a feast for the eyes and I can’t wait to see it.

The Autumn Must Have…

The nights are drawing in and there is a slight chill in the air, fret not my friends winter is not yet here, the best way to look fashionable and still keep warm is with this seasons must have “The Jacket”. Yes it isn’t a new invention but this season there is a massive focus on Jacket for their versatility- they can be worn now, again in spring and even layered up or worn under coats in Winter!
They are also an easy and affordable way to buy into a new season trend. Here are a few of my favourites at the moment.

Oversized Blazer is a must have, it makes every outfit look effortlessly cool.
Black cropped jacket! Who ever doesn’t have one in their wardrobe what is wrong with you?! What have you been wearing for all of these years??
This jacket is perfect for adding, some much needed, colour to your Autumn wardrobe, its also 100% wool! Perfect for a chilly morning or cool night out.
Say hello to this smart floral vintage print jacket, perfect for the vintage print trend and also a subtle version of the Baroque trend.
Ahhh soooo many trends all in one jacket! Velvet “check”, Gothic “check” & tailoring “check” all in a beautiful dark green colour what more do you want from one jacket? Jeez =D 

Fashion Love Affair With Downton Abbey

Everyone is head over heels in love with Downton Abbey’s stunning period dress, and the acting isn’t too bad either, but why have we all gone crazy for period dress, even the fashion world is in owe of it, no easy feat! What I particular love is the attention to detail that is made on every single outfit, there are rumours that even the underwear is from the last period. It’s not just the outfits it’s the stunning settings, amazing hair and how it makes me fascinated with the AMAZING history of our country!
The whole setting of this image is perfect, with the steam off the train and old fashioned train setting. The purple two piece outfit would look great on today.
The decadant settings makes this photo.
I know this is a back view but i think the white ties on the maids outfits are beautiful and make the image really interesting.
I love this behind the scene shot, I love the casualness of it and the suit is amazing and if any men are reading this, go and buy one…. Now

A Little Treat

Seeing that Summer has finally arrived and the Olympics has finally started we thought it was a bit of a shame that the Summer Sale ended. So were extending our sale, were not giving you 5% or 10% off not even 15% were giving you a massive 20% discount on everything we have in our boutique, just head over too
So go and have a rummage around and find what treasure you can find for you summer holidays, night outs or just because you want to and you can! =D.
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Oh and GO TEAM GB at the Olympics!

Its all in the…. detail

So what adds that extra something to make your outfit perfect, yep attention to detail. From the perfect print, to the detail embroidery to the fit of the clothing, it all counts and can make or break your outfit. One of the best things about buying and wearing vintage is that you don’t just get high quailty materials, such as silk and hand beaded tops, at affordable prices you are also garaunteed to have a one off piece, Perfect! Heres a few of our fav pieces for that extra bit of jazz, jazz hands everyone =D
Leather skirt! with stunning seam detail, oh did I say 100% REAL LEATHER!!!
Hand Beaded Sequin top, stunning detail on neckline and hem just beautiful, great for festivals, going out and holiday! A truly unique piece.
Love the print on this eye catching Pink Top….. AMAZING!

Vintage Photography

Some images just stick with you and your not sure why. I love looking in weird and wonderful places for inspiration, and I find lots of it when looking at vintage photographs. From the grainny effect of the film to the natural poses and in todays terms under stated styling, hair and make-up. Here are a few of my favs.

I love the clashing checks in this image shooting in black and white makes the print stand out even more. Its just a fun image that is finished off perfectly with the short man at the end. I would love to hang this on my wall perferably in my walk in wardrobe… I just need to get one first.

I don’t think swimwear has ever looked so good! And again it is a fun image that makes you feel like your on the beach with them. I love the outfits and would be proud to wear any of them.
Cool.. Enough said.
Oh my god I LOVE the sandals on the far right and middle left they are amazing! The cute outfits, backward facing poses and smiling faces make this another winner in my eyes. You can see how much fun they are having and thats how it should be!
Sexy, Sophisticated and Elegant I could look at this photo for ages. I love the heavily jewelled neckline, arm band and bracelet and understated make-up and hair. Just a striking image! A real head turner!
I feel the main difference in vintage photography is the element of fun and sophisticated glamour where less is more in terms of make-up, and showing less is more desirable.

20’s Hair and Hats…

When I think of the 20’s I think flapper fashion, cute short hair styles and even cuter hats! The 20’s have to be one of my favourite eras of fashion. They were seen as rebellious, women defiantly applied make-up in public and danced into the night, something that we take for granted every day/weekend.
The 20’s saw the 1st short hair cut, the Eton Crop was the most popular and was seen on designer Coco Chanel!

Marion Davies- Finger Waves


The 1920s was a period when milliners got their inspiration from nations all corners of the globe. Inspiration was taken from Egypt, China, Japan and Russia. Headdresses including turbans, toques, kokoshniks and tiaras were all reinvented by designers.
Both the couture houses of Molyneux and Lanvin had atelier shops attached to them so buyers were able to make a hat selection at the same time as buying a dress or suit to complete the outfit perfectly. Accessories were an important feature of fashion for women as well as men.  Caroline Reboux was a designer of hats in Paris who invented the Cloche Hat which sold like wildfire around the globe.


The last two images are my favourites; you would get admiring glances wearing either today. The penultimate image, the whole outfit is amazing and could easily wear it now; I love how the bracelets are worn over the sleeve.


Blooming Marvelous….

Birmingham’s Entry at Chelsea Flowers Show 2012

Not only is the sun shining and everyone is smiling but Chelsea Flower show is in full swing. A big trend for spring summer 2012 are floral prints, from tee’s to trousers all the way back to Hawaiian Shirts, florals are huge. If you like to stand out from the crowd then don’t hold back and go head to toe, if your looking for something a bit more understated then a pretty dress or discreet top would work well.

Here are some styling ideas..

For a simple and elegant look this dress works wonders, it has a beautiful discreet floral strip print and mid length. I love it.

If you are feeling more daring this floral cropped jacket is perfect, its eye catching, colourful and perfect for summer.

This black floral dress is a smart casual dress suitable for work and the pub. With its double breasted fastening it is flattering and comfortable… Perfect.

This bold floral short sleeved dress is eye catching and pefect if you want to be noticed. Its also fun and very flattering.

Because we Cannes….

Premiere season is in full swing with the Cannes Festival this week. We have been inundated with glamorous photos of the rich and famous looking, well rich and fabulous! So we thought it was about time we showed you how to re-create some red carpet looks for less.
This week were going to re-create Jessica Chastains D&G outfit.

Photo by WENN
I am LOVING the Polka Dots very cute but we can imagine that Jessica’s D&G dress cost a pretty penny or few thousand of them.
So for our wallet friendly version we have…. DRUM ROLE please…..

A snip at £34.99 it has those cute Polka Dots and natural wavy hair. It will look great with sandals or if you are feeling really jazzy why not throw in some socks aswell. We were feeling Jazzy.

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