Escapism…. The Routeburn…

Three days two nights of hiking through the fiord lands of New Zealand’s South Island. Caring all of our food and camping equipment on our back whilst covering a distance of 26miles…. Sound like fun? Yep I agree with you it was AMAZING! The scenery was to die for and we were really lucky as it only rained slightly overnight, when we were safely snuggled up in Terry the tent and our sleeping bags. We started the hike from the Divide end and walked back towards Queenstown, where we got a lift back into town with some lovely Americans we meet on the hike.
As I said we camped the 1st camp site was at Lake Mackenzie and the second was above, when the sun set you could see the snow covered mountain tops illuminated by the stars, Antony reckons he saw a meteorite but as we were sat in the tent and he was in the door way I did get to see it. The walk was amazing and it’s defiantly worth the hard work.
To celebrate we treated ourselves to another night of camping when we got back to Queens Town and a night on the tiles =D.
God Bless Terry (The Tent)
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