A/W 2012 Trend Report

If it shimmers in a metallic tone be in Gold, Silver or Bronze you want to bag it before anyone else does. Statement jeans are also massive for the is season so if you can get your hands on metallic colour jeans do it. Whatever you do though don’t go head to two in metallic colours, break up statement trousers with white loose shirts or knits and leather always looks good. Accessories look great in metallic shades and are an easy & cheap way to update your wardrobe with the trend.

Autumn Winter 2012 fashion
Viktor & Rolf Autumn Winter 2012


This season hottest colour is Cobolt, a bright vivid blue that will liven up anyone’s winter wardrobe, seeing it now it seems the perfect winter colour, I can’t believe it has not been done before! It was seen on the runways of Lavin, Emporio Armani, Sportmax oh and Mulberry to name a few.

Sportmax Autumn Winter 2012

Why when one amazing layer when you can wear 5, layering is a British Girls best friend with our notoriously changeable weather. And now it is one of the biggest trends for Autumn Winter. The key to this new layered look is the return of wearing skirts over trousers, or if you want to air on the side of caution then try a long top or tunic. Long line jackets & coats complete the look but cropped versions will also look great on. To stop the look feeling bulky on go for thinner layers and add height with heels, square heels are big this season or flat-form creepers. Bold clashing prints are also a must, think harlequin clown.

Prada Autumn Winter 2012
Purple Power

More commonly a colour you see for Spring Summer is small pieces but this Autumn winter is all about colour. From Cobolt to Purple your wardrobe will be colourful enough to keep you going through the cold months. Purple is the colour of luxury and passion from amethyst to violet wear head to toe mixing the shades and adding pattern as you go. 
Prada Autumn Winter 2012
Go Large
Big is beautiful this Autumn, with Cocoon coats, pillow-sleeved jackets and billowing trousers and softly structured skirts featuring through the catwalk collection. Shoulders were dropped, lengths longer and trousers had a low crotches. Creating a confident Tomboy look keep things simple, strict and streamlined.
The easiest way to go large is to mix slimline structures- think cigarette trousers- with opposites Cocoon Coat. With this trend let your silhouette be the focus and eschew accessories. Wear your oversized coat one size up, if you feel a little swapped then belt the waist.

Port 1961 Autumn Winter 2012

Escapism….. Lao & Looking Back

Lao was probably the quietest of the Asian countries I visited when I was traveling. It was calm, peaceful and stunningly beautiful. Lao is a very mountainous country, filled with very kind generous people, some of the friendliest in Asia. I happened to be there in August last year, which is their wet season and boy when it rains it pours!
As I said Lao is a mountainous country, which is great to go trekking in but not in wet season, we thankfully decided to get a minibus from Luang Prubang to Vang Vieng instead of the “VIP” bus, which is just a regular bus to anyone from a Western country. We had been driving for about 1 to 2 hours when all of a sudden there was a line of vehicles on the side of the road- at the top of a mountain pass. Our driver who wasn’t the best driver in the world, drove past them and we could see that there had been a landslide onto the road, stopping vehicles getting through. A “VIP” bus had tried and slipped of the side of the road/mountain! Thankfully it had got stuck on the rocks and no one was injured or killed. Some local people were pushing smaller vehicle’s through the mud to the other side, they charged our driver about £1.50 which was going to be spilt between 10 of them!
We waited our turn and watched as many cars were guided through the mud to the other side, then it was our turn. The driver decided to rev the engine and drive as fast as poss which in turn spun the back wheels out. I really did think this was the end, we had survived 13 countries over 10 months and now as we were on the last two week leg of our journey we were going to die. I know it sound dramatic now but, I really did think that. Thankfully the guys who were helping us managed to guide us to safety.
It was a once and a life time experience that I will never forget, I love the resourcefulness of the people in Lao, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, with no health care or educational system at all! People if they get ill have to cross the board to Thailand if they can afford it. We were in Lao when we heard about the London riots, where people were angry about the poverty they were living in! In England one of the richest countries in the world!… As you can imagine I could not believe my eyes or ears. I am sure if you have read this far down you are thinking how is this escapism? To me it is thinking back on all of the different, sometimes challenging and not so often scary situation, we were in whilst away is weirdly soothing knowing that I took that risk and went away and did something. For me I always knew I wanted to travel the world and was never scared once before I went or whilst we were away a part from this one time.
We travelled in total to 14 different countries in 10 months, we stayed in some nice places alot of not so nice places, we camped a lot, slept on buses, boats, cars, hammock’s and trains. We loved every second of it and I can’t believe this time last year we were getting our last flight back home to England. I can’t believe it has been a year it still feels like a week ago, as you have guess, I still love talking about it.
If you are contemplating whether to go traveling what are you waiting for?! It will be the best thing you do in life, you will remember it when you are old and grey and are no longer able to rough it to save a pound or two. You will see things that will change the way you think, act and behave and you will met some amazing people, you will stay in touch with for years to come. If I have still not convinced you then just remember you can always come back home if its not for you, nothing would have changed everything will still be hear waiting for you. But at least you would know that you tried and could settle the curiosity within.

The Second British Royal Family

The Pearly King and Queens, often referred to as the second royal family of britain, are an organised charitable tradition of working class culture in London. They are so respected here in England that they featured in the 2012 Olympic cermony.

The pearly King and Queens began in 1875 by Henry Croft. His first job was as a Road Sweeper in the market of Somers Town. Henry worked hard in the market and quickly made many friends, he was particularly drawn to the Costermongers (Apple Sellers), who were a tough breed of market traders. He was fascinated by them and got to know more about their way of life, their generosity and their fashion of smoke pearl buttons sewn on the piped seams of their trousers, jackets, waistcoats and caps. This showed their status as they worked the market stalls from day to day.

 Henry decided he would like to help those who were more unfortunate than himself, including the children back at the orphanage where he had spent his early years. He knew that in order to collect a lot of money he needed to draw attention to himself. So as Henry swept the market streets he started to collect all the pearl buttons he found,  that had fallen off of the clothes of people visiting the market, and when he had enough he started to sew them on his cap and then continued until his entire suit was filled, the very first smother suit.
Because Henry was an orphan he had no one to help him with his suit so he had to learn how to sew. It was this that started the tradition, which is still carried on by descendants of original Pearly Families, that the Kings do all the designs and sewing, Designs on suits tend to run in families.

Henry Croft was in so much demand for his charity work, that he turned to his friends the Costermongers for help and they didn’t let him down. Many of the Costermongers became the first Pearly Families. There were 28 families, one for each of the London boroughs, one for the City of Westminster, and one for the City of London.
Each outfit can hold many tens of thousands of buttons on it and can weigh as much as 30 kilogramme’s or more. There are two types of suit – a Smother Suit and a Skeleton Suit, the 1st having very little cloth showing and totally covered in buttons, and the latter having far fewer buttons.

A great tradition that is still carried on today over a hundred years later. I love the Pearly Kings and Queens and I am fascinated by the history & culture.

A New Dawn in Advertising?

Every now and again something comes out of the wood work and hits you between the eyes, something strange, unusual, unseen before, yet equally intriguing and without doubt beautiful. Something that you, or at least I, can’t help but stopping. Staring at. When I first came across the Spring Summer preview shoots of Christian L’enfant Roi’s collection I was instantly memorised. I love the clean colours, simple lines mixed with awkward, even strange poses, finished off with unusual textured clothing. Not only does it make me want to write this blog about it but it sells the clothing too, a must in advertising. I love it! What do you all think, is it a winner or a binner?

Spice Up Your Life

Olympic fever has well and truly swept the UK, and I have been swept up it as well, we have done sooooo well and I feel with The Jubilee and the Olympics this year we have reignited Britishness, something we will touch on in the next post. What better way to end a fabulous Olympics, whilst also getting ready for the paralympics, that with the biggest girl band ever… The Spice Girls! Funnily enough I was just reminiscing with my mum the other day on when me and Kate, my little sister, first saw them. We were at a trade show, where my mum was working and a stall was showing there video, we were completely hypnotised and hooked from there on in. We had in all every single, album, t-shirt, poster and anything else that had Spice Girls on it. I would like to make clear I was only in primary school, lets say 11.
We have also seen a massive rise in 90’s fashion this year with backpacks, denim jackets, leather skirts, crop tops and Tie-dye. So are you ready to Spice Up…..
Posh Spice
You can’t think 90’s without thinking of crop tops, this is a classy version its draped front and short sleeves it would look AMAZING with leather trousers!
Baby Spice
The Denim Jacket screams 90’s! Everyone had one and is getting one again. This one had a mock sheepskin lining to keep you warm in winter.
Sporty Spice
Sporty Spice eat your heart out! This 90’s Addict Vintage Sports Jacket has a funnel neck and two tone colour perfect.
Scary Spice
Scary spice wanted to be seen, she loved bold prints and bold colours. This jumpsuit is perfect Scary Spice outfit.
Ginger Spice
Geri made the Union Jack dress infamous, for good or bad, its not something that I would wear out, everyday, but its perfect for this summers event and that’s why it gets the main shoot on the homepage of our boutique.

Its so funny looking back on these photos now, when i was 11 I thought they were soooo cool and loved how they all had there own “style” lol, Posh was my favourite! Who was yours?

Brassai 1930’s Photographer

I love the 1930’s photographer Brassai. He was completely disinterested in photography, if not scornful of it, until he saw the work being done by his acquaintance Andre Kertesz, which inspired him to take up the medium himself.
In the early thirties he set about photographing the night of Paris, especially at its more colorful and more disreputable levels. The results this project, a fascinatingly tawdry collection of prostitutes, pimps, madams, transvestites, apaches, and assorted cold-eyed pleasure-seekers, was published in 1933 as Paris de Nuit, one of the most remarkable of all photographic books.
Making photographs in the dark bistros and darker streets presented a difficult technical problem. BRASSAI”s solution was direct, primitive, and perfect. He focused his small plate camera on a tripod, opened the shutter when ready, and fired a flashbulb. If the quality of his light did not match that of the places where he worked, it was, for BRASSAI, better: straighter, more merciless, more descriptive of fact, and more in keeping with BRASSAI’s own vision, which was as straightforward as a hammer. He just didn’t focus on the underworld be also took photos of “normal” people out and about town, almost as a 1930’s version of a fashion blogger?

What I find intriguing and interesting about Brassai’s photos are that they tell part of a story about the people in them, whilst still leaving room for your imagination to build and create the rest of the story. Brassia’s work has not gone unnoticed by some of the most influential people in fashion with John Galliano and Grace Coddington both being inspired by him work.
So what do you think about his style of photography?

Fashion Love Affair With Downton Abbey

Everyone is head over heels in love with Downton Abbey’s stunning period dress, and the acting isn’t too bad either, but why have we all gone crazy for period dress, even the fashion world is in owe of it, no easy feat! What I particular love is the attention to detail that is made on every single outfit, there are rumours that even the underwear is from the last period. It’s not just the outfits it’s the stunning settings, amazing hair and how it makes me fascinated with the AMAZING history of our country!
The whole setting of this image is perfect, with the steam off the train and old fashioned train setting. The purple two piece outfit would look great on today.
The decadant settings makes this photo.
I know this is a back view but i think the white ties on the maids outfits are beautiful and make the image really interesting.
I love this behind the scene shot, I love the casualness of it and the suit is amazing and if any men are reading this, go and buy one…. Now