Lovely Lauren McGee The Model

Now I’ll admit it, I have been holding out on you all with the last interview from the Ada’s Attic photo shoot, so here you have it, last but certainly not least is the interview with the lovely model Lauren McGee.

When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you
look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the
weirdest places?
As a model, most of the time people approach you with a clear concept already in mind. However I only take on projects in which I feel the concept interests me and would benefit my portfolio. I tend to find when creating my own ideas for shoots, the inspiration stems from everything around me. Whether that be current affairs, the media, literature, things people say to me or I have heard them say as well as actual physical surroundings. Subconsciously I am always observing and I like to think that observation is at the heart of the creative process. Although I love looking at other people’s work, I never try to directly replicate somebody else’s shots as I don’t see the point. In my mind the best and most effective shots are impromptu and come from your own ideas and creativity. If you rely too much upon the influence and inspiration of the work of others you risk losing your own artistic flare and originality.
Who’s work do you really like and why?
I recently came across the work of a photographer currently living in France called Nath-Sakura. She has taken some stunning shots with really unique concepts. I don’t have a particular favourite model, but I feel that the best models are versatile and can adapt their expression, physicality and posture to suit every shoot they take on.
Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?
I think what draws most people to vintage fashion is its uniqueness and how you can find some brilliant affordable pieces to really express yourself. You can often find items at cheaper prices than the high street, which is another bonus in the current economic climate.
What is your favourite colour, food, place and why?
Colour: Purple. I’m not sure exactly why, I just prefer it to other colours.
Food: Depends on my mood, but currently I would say bruschetta. It reminds me of when I first tried it on a family holiday to Italy when I was younger.
Place: The West End of London. Covent Garden has some lovely shops and places to eat and you’re just a stone’s throw away from some fantastic theatres and the Royal Opera House.
What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes
it could be anything?
I have always wanted a vintage jukebox. Although they are relatively easy to find, their cost is somewhat out of my price range. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford one!
How long have you been a model & What attracts you
to the profession?
I had my first shoot in July of this year and loved it so much that I haven’t stopped since! I love how a single frame can capture so much emotion and for me modelling provides a great creative outlet.
Tell us all a funny fact or anything else you want us to know.
In addition to being a model, I am also an actress, soprano singer and can do singing impersonations of 50s divas such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey.
Lol thank you very much Lauren for your time! To get in touch with Lauren or check out the rest of her work head over to here facebook page
or portfolio page