Wedding Guests, What To Wear To All Your Weddings This Year

With the wedding season in full swing it can be hard to decide what to wear, especially when you have more than one to go too, I personally have 3 to go to this year! So if you need a little advice or inspiration then check out this short video.

Summer Sale… Last Day 70% Off!!

Ada’s Attic Vintage Boutique- Dip Dye Shirt Dress
Just a quick post today letting you all know that it is the last day of our summer sale on Asos Marketplace, we have reduced our prices by up to 70%! So don’t miss out on a bargain, check out what we have to offer now. But remember it pays to like our facebook page to as we offer regular promotions and discounts to our fans =D.

5 Day Promotion On Now!!!

There is a MASSIVe half of promotion on for 4 More DAYs!… I have put our best, newest pieces into the promotion, here are some photos to wet your appetite…….
WAS £125 NOW £62.50!!! This coat will keep your warm and stylish all day long!—cashmere-mix-libertys-70s-coat/624604
WAS £130 NOW £65.00!! This AMAZING Liberty’s designer coat is Cashmere & Wool coat is just perfect! A steal @ £65.00!!
WAS £24.99 NOW £12.50 this dress in this YEARS hottest colour Cobalt.
We have leather jackets & boots, scarfs and much much more!! So what are you waiting for!

Sunday Style

Today I am wearing
Just a quick post today, I wanted to share with you all my outfit for today. I have mixed vintage with high street today, my coat is from Ada’s Attic- as is my top. My Pleather trousers are from Topshop & I just love the suttle snake skin print to them, finished off with Doc Marten Boots… Perfect.

Vintage Packing Design- Ada’s Attic

Packaging Design- Ada’s Attic

I have been pondering my new packaging design for, my vintage shop, for a while, and now I have finally decided. I have gone for a monochrome architecture design, finished off with red & white “butcher” string & a handwritten label. I really like but I would LOVE to hear what you think-

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Vintage Packaging Design for Ada’s Attic

The Final Count……

The Final Countdown

Before you ask, yes I am singing “Final Countdown” In my head as I type. There is only 7 DAYS LEFT of our winter sale…….! You still have some time so DON’T PANIC……. I suggest you CALMLY head into the kitchen, make a nice cup of tea, it fixes everything doesn’t it? And then make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Now you are in the right state of mind to browse all the wonderful items we have in our sale… Here’s a few things to get you going =D.


Another classic beauty….. The LBD…..In the sale……–black-lace-baroque-dress/636924

Now I really am taking the mick, this little beauty is designer….. And not the only designer piece in the sale…..
I am now going to find my marbles, which I have apparently lost… #awfuljoke!

Sunday Morning

Packaging Inspiration

I use to hate Sundays as a child; I thought it was a boring day, really just a waste of a day. Now, however, it is my favourite day of the week. Full of pj’s, food and not a lot else, if I can have my way. Today I am looking for inspiration for some new packaging for my vintage shop Ada’s Attic. Here are a few of my favourite packaging example I have found so far. I will share my new packaging with you once I have designed it =D

Japanese Food Packaging
Packaging Inspiration
Packaging Inspiration

Cursing Drivers, Early Risers & Shopper Queuing Yep its Boxing Day
What would you rather do???
A, Queue from 1am! Outside in the cold and probably wet weather OR
B, Wake up at your leisure all nice and warm?
A, Suffer queue control, or lack off, MASSIVE crowds and probably angry crowds (they have been up since 1am)…. OR
B, A nice cup of Tea whilst browsing your favourite shops in the comfort of your own home?
Or finally
A, Mob like behaviour with Police drafted in to control the crowds, queue’s longer than Santa’s Beard OR
B, No queue’s, toasty warm fire and snacks on demand?
Yep were with you B all the way, no way would we suffer the Boxing day sales in the shops we just head online, and were having a MASSIVE SALE right now, with 99% of our stock in the sale with savings up to 50%! What are you waiting for, put you pj’s on, brew a cuppa and get shopping! Even treat yourself to that last mince pie that’s hanging around=D