Spring Forward 2015 Fashion Trends

From bold colours, novelty prints and accessories there is a lot to love this season.

THE 70’s
2015 take on the 70s
OOO the 70s the decade I should have been born in. If you feel the same as me and are loving the 70s trend this season then think wide brimmed flop hats, deep deep v neck tops, flared jeans and tasselled leather or suede jackets . To add the summer edge to this amazing trend wear your leather or suede in some sugary tones of lilac and pinks, soo pretty!

Embellished Jeans

Think wide legged flares that start at the knee. Midi, mini or Maxi skirts & dress. Shirt dresses or just shirts and of course lets not forget the denim dungarees or jacket. White, bleached, contrasting, distressed, patched or mid wash denim all goes this season and the best thing about this trend? It will be around along time. So you can invest in this trend with ease.

Trainer Off
Dior Sequin Trainers

Heels are becoming something of a rarity when look around the city streets, with fashionable feet all wearing trainers, something i like to call a trainer off. With so much choice now for us to dither over, everything from Nike classics to Chanel tweed glittery number and Dior sequin floral ones we really just don’t think there is enough time to work our way through them all.

Glam Groupie
Glam Groupie

Being a fashion groupie has never been so cool. Think shaggy jackets, sky scraping platforms, ponchos, skinny scarves, slinky skimpy mini dresses, tassel’s and fringing galore. The only thing you will be saying is I’m with the band!

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