Z is For Zimmermann

Zimmermann Autumn Winter 201-15

For my finale in my A-Z of designers to know in 2014 I bring your Zimmermanns’ Autumn Winter 2014-15 collection. This collection transforms from soft and warm to hard and gothic. With a varied colour palette of teal, red, monotone and metallic. Oversized silhouettes, fully flirt, yet somehow masculine overall feel, skirts, full length to mini to fitted and structured. Zimmermann not only clashes prints and colours they have also clashed fabrics by using mohair, lace, leather, satin, silk, netting and dog tooth.

Zimmermann Autumn Winter 201-15
Zimmermann Autumn Winter 201-15
I love this collection and as soon as I saw it I struck accord with me as I could see 2014’s version of the 50’s and 70’s fashion, the formalness about the styling slicked back hair, pointed shoes with socks and fitted and structured silhouettes. Full skirts and loose layered and clashing fabrics echo the 70’s fashion trends. 
Zimmermann Autumn Winter 201-15

A “Glam Goth” look will be a key trend for festive parties this year… (Sorry but I didnt say the C word)

Zimmermann Autumn Winter 201-15
This collection feels more Autumnal & wintery than other that I have featured but with the very wearable fresher pieces, teal knitwear & bold oversized printed coat, could see this collection carried through into spring summer 2015. Now I like the sound of that! 
Zimmermann Autumn Winter 201-15 

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