F is For ….. Filles a Papa

Filles A Papa
Filles A Papa, conceived and designed by two sisters the brand tries to protray an instinctive, honest and spontaneous image. The clothing is created for girls who are confident, rebellious, playful and liberated. 

Filles A Papa
With this inspiration for their collections taken from Punk and Rock ‘n’ Roll culture the two sisters, Carol & Sarah, have created a collection of strong, assertive and sometimes assertive looks with an pinch of American sportswear but overall European Street Style Chic. 
Filles A Papa
With the sisters trying to emulate Debbie Harry’s cheekiness and Kim Gordon’s ageless glamour and I’m intrigued to see how this young brand develops. Classic clothing boundaries collapses between formal and casual, masculine and feminine. Sequins adorn utility shapes, oversized styles are paired with skinnier fits.
Filles A Papa
The overall aim i feel of the two sister designers is to have fun with fashion and not take themselves to seriously. Whilst researching them I found that a lot of their images where quite shocking and almost a bit graphic. But I do love their take on styling and use of bold prints, clash of formal and casual and oversized silhouettes. I think that Filles A Papa are a brand to keep and eye on.

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