Make-Up Mood Boards For Ada’s Attic Shoot

Make-up & Hair Trends 2013
So I have had a very busy weekend prepping and shooting for my vintage boutique, Ada’s Attic. A lot of time goes into not only sourcing the stock but finding models, photographer, Make-up & hair and finally location. After all that is done I then build up outfit ideas, prep them to ensure they are ready to be worn straight away so ironing is involved. I then research make-up trends and ideas to create moodboards so that I can show the make-up artist & hair stylist what I’m aiming, there not set rules they are more like a starting inspiration point. As this was a commercial shoot there was no “theme” to it so no research was done to develop a story like I would do normally, I think that this gives editorial work more depth and in return makes it more memorable.
Here are the moodboard for hair and make-up for the shoot. Tomorrow… behind the scenes!

Make-up & Hair Trends 2013


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