Quality Fashion At Affordable Prices

Ask anyone who knows me I love a bargain, I love saving my money and spending it on items that aren’t always the cheapest but something that uses quality materials and skilled workmanship. When I do find something that catches my eye I justify it like this…

On average I say I am going to wear something 52 times a year, or once a week, so I divide the cost by 52 to get the price per wear,
So for example……
This amazing White Faux Fur Coat which you will love wearing at winter for years and years is £125 divided by 52 is £2.40 Per Wear.. Bargain!
This classic black Leather mid length jacket is a wardrobe staple and at £39.99 is great value but divided by 52 is 76p!!!!! Per Wear
This eye catching vintage designer lace dress, which wouldn’t look out of place at Claridges, is just beautiful and priced at £79.99 divided by 52 is £1.53!!
 I think you get the jist of the idea =D what else will you use this handy tip on?

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