Fashion Sock, Fashion Sandal

This is an on-going discussion between my boyfriend & I, he does not understand why it is AWFUL when he wears…… SOCKS WITH SANDALS, I can’t even believe I have told you all that, yet “cool” when I wear Socks with Sandals.
Pre Collection 2013

 The difference, I explain, is that I wear fashion socks & fashion sandals =D.

I am not the only one to agree that this warming footwear combo is here to stay. The trend is to wear black men’s socks, of medium thickness & slightly slouched so they sit mid ankle.
Why stick to black, so break the “Fashion Mould”, go bright, patterned, animal print or whatever takes your fancy. Animal prints work well with chunky, patent sandals in monochrome colours. Patterned Socks I think look great clashed with bright coloured sandals. Black socks, try and get ones with a fine rib to them, wear with square heeled, thick strapped sandals.
Long live the “Fashion Sock & Fashion Sandal” lovl


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