Future Fabrics- www.paper-no9.com


With a higher demand for more substainable fabrics and major players such as Nike and H&M signing up to eliminate hazardous chemicals from supply chains by 2020. So the fashion world means business. I have recently stumbled across a company called Paper No 9. Who create stunning “Green” Pleather by applying oil and fabric backing to paper. The results are outstanding! You would never believe that its paper.


Aswell as the founders of Paper no( creating beautiful accessories they have also recently colaborated with coture designer, Sylvia Heisel, who works with recycled brown paper. Together they have created the  “Ready To Wear Away Dress”. The designers claim that the dress feels like a “supple leather sheath” at first. Add body heat and movement and the paper starts to wear away. Then, walla, hand-drawn inspirational quotes from Ghandi to Tupac Shakur suddenly appear. It certainly makes for a good conversation piece.


I love all of thier stuff and think that they make perfect presents, if your struggling. To see more of thier great stuff check out thier website- www.paperno9.com 


paper no9.com

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