Cool Britannia

British 1960’s Mod Scooters
Britain has been the fashion hub for decades, with London at the fore front of cutting edge design and pushing the boundaries. Our talents in fashion have not gone un-noticed either with Top French, Italian & American Fashion houses employing Brits as their Head Designer.
London 1970’s Punk’s
In comparison to the rest of Europe, British fashion is very different. Britain was the birth place of Punks, Mod’s, Rockers and so much more. We dress to express ourselves, almost wearing our hearts on our sleeves. When I think of Italian fashion I think chic, stylish & classic design. French I think the same but with a few strips thrown in 😉 I also think about the Couture Houses who have been designing and making in France for years. American fashion is somewhat harder to classify, I have been to various parts of the states, From New York, Vegas to LA (and others), and find that they have amazing high end fashion but nothing in between. You either go high end, money permitting, or Wallmart- Not good.
Alexander McQueen

I think what sets us, Brits, apart in the fashion world is our emotional connection with fashion. We don’t just wear something because someone told us it was cool, we wear it because we are trying to tell the world how we feel. We not only have an amazing selection of the best high end fashion designers from Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood, we also have, in my opinion, the best high street fashion making well designed clothes accessible to all, just look at the success that Topshop is having across the pond & through out Europe, we also have an amazing vintage fashion scene. I think the mix of subculture’s especially Punks, history, music and daring attitude to fashion has feed our hunger & passion to experiment with fashion. Even though I might sound quite serious about all this I also feel that in comparison with other countries we have quite a fun & relaxed attitude to the fashion world. We were the birthplace of the Mini Skirt, Teenage fashion, Twiggy, The Sex Pistols, McQueen( and Queeny, Grace Coddington & Anna Wintor to name a few! All in all we are still, in my eyes, Cool Britannia!
British Street Fashion 2012
British Street Fashion 2012

British Street Fashion 2012
British Street Fashion 2012

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