Preen Spring Summer 2012

Preen Spring Summer 2012
Now I know we are all focusing, for a couple more weeks anyway, on Autumn Winter 2012 but I just wanted to show off the beauty of the Preen Spring Summer 2012 collection. The collection has a feminine mood with soft colours and sculpted shapes combining to create a ladylike yet daring look. Pastels and prints were the think for the catwalk last season, which has also been key to Autumn Winters runways. The mix of pastels and hand drawn patterns is completely original.
Preen Spring Summer 2012
For all the uniqueness there are a few historical allusions – Thornton and Bregazzi were inspired by The Bloomsbury set, an English group of intellectuals that included Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster. Rather than making their literary reference overt, they let the artistic spirit of that group’s dynamic influence things subtly. As we all know, Preen is a thinking woman’s fashion line, as pretty as things get on the runway it is the substance and skillful technique found in each piece that keeps fans coming back for more.
Preen Spring Summer 2012

Preen S/S 2012


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