The Kings Speech

Over the weekend I watched the film “The Kings Speech”, I know its not a new film but I judged the book by its cover and because of its title the film never appealed to me. Anyway it was on over the weekend so my boyfriend and I had a film day yesterday and watched it.
The Kings Speech
From the opening scene I was completed memorised. The film is set in the 1920’s and follows King George the 6ths journey to the Throne. The settings, costume and acting is amazing. I felt like I was transported back into the 20’s, one of my favourite eras.
The Kings Speech
I also felt like I learnt something about the heritage of our British Royal Family & the British Empire, it made me proud to be British.
The Kings Speech
The film is about two and half hours long, I am known for not being able to sit still for a long time, yet I managed to sit through the whole film and was shocked that it had ended so quickly! I thoroughly enjoyed the film and highly recommend it, I cried, laughed and was taken in by all the characters especially Bertie aka King George the 6th played by Colin Firth.

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