Made in England

I touched on British made goods a couple of months ago when I was watching the Mary Portas programme about bring manufacturing back to Britain, she made some lovely pants. I am a massive fan of British made goods, I do believe that the “Made in England” tag carries with it a seal of quality in craftsmanship, materials and also you can rest easy knowing that no child has made it in some sweatshop.
I have recently stumbled across a beautiful hand made jeweller who has been making jewellery in England for 50 years, they also stock a collection of designer jewellery and watches aswell, not bad hey.
Personally I prefer understated jewellery for the every day and then I like to make a big statement for special occasions. I also still like to be individual so these Glass Trollbeads are perfect for wearing everyday- You can choose to stack them up or just wear 2 or even 1 at a time. Personally I would wear this one on a long chain.
I love the strange texture the TrollBeads have paired together with the beautiful designs I think they are a winner! =D

For my evening look, I would go for something like this Silver Narrow Cuff by George Jensen. I love this bracelet I would look great worn day or night but imagine how cool this would look worn with a cute dress! Amazing- Antony if you are reading =D

Another great bracelet is this one by Rachel Gallery, Delicate yet a bit rough, exactly what I like =D.

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