Dry Rain!?!


I hate the rain, especially when I am going out- I have VERY curly/frizzy hair, which if not straightened everyday looks like I have electrocuted myself, not the look I am trying to achieve. So as you can imagine the rain pays hell with it. However I do love the sound of rain on the roof when I am tucked up in bed, or if I am properly dressed for wet weather and heading back home, it feels liberating getting socked through. Tropical rain is amazing, so hot its like bath water! I am sure you are wondering, if you are still reading this, why I am yammering on about rain. Well random international have designed a way for us to experience rain, with its soothing patters and comforting scent, without getting wet. It is as if, we are controlling the weather, the force of nature that should be so beyond us. The installation has been designed ‘to extract interesting behaviour’ from us. I think it looks amazing and really want to experience it. What do you think?
The installation can be found at the Barbican Gallery in the Curve Room.


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