Trend Alert- Statement Accessories.

We all know that accessories complete our outfits, from statement bags, footwear & jewellery this season is all about making sure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.




My Boyfriend always laughs at me when I wear Socks & Sandals together, I laugh at him when he did on holiday, but you all would have, but as I always tell him I am wearing “Fashion” Socks & “Fashion Sandals”. A tad different to his old man brown sandals- with Velcro fastening! Worn with black socks! No No No =D. So to keep my feet looking and feeling hot this winter I will be wearing the sock and sandal combo with pride. Make sure you pick socks that clash or at least stand out from the shoe so people know that you meant to wear socks. This rule can be applied to any shoe really.

Think small & studded, Geometric prints, Monochrome colours and decadently decorated with jewels. Either way get rid of the huge bag you have been lugging around small is the way to go.


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